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    Trade Skill Master guides

    I'm looking for some help getting started with TSM, since i've been hearing good things. Are there any sites you would suggest i visit to learn more? I'm looking for some good guides/tutorials to get me up and running.

    I have the addon installed and i just feel overwhelmed right now with all it has going on. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    I have JC/Ench/Alch/Tail/Mining/Herb all maxed out, making great money already with their awesome synergy, however, i need to get everything a little more tight-knit!

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    Try searching youtube, there are a number of 5-10 minute tutorials that show you how to set up lists. Once you figure it out for one profession it's very easy to mesh the rest on your own.

    Sorry for lack of links, don't have access at the moment.

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    Hey thanks for the reply ill check it out.

    I just wanted to add, i'm not trying to be lazy and don't want to research myself(since i feel i'm going to get post saying l2search). I'm simply asking for the links that others found useful.

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    I'm pretty sure there's a post about this addon over at JMTC.
    www.justmytwocopper.org - You'll have to search around for a bit.
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    Sorry mac isent allowed to post Links but if you go on mmowned, an other unoffical wow fanpage, a modorator have wrotten an extremly well written guide about it. Search for Unholyshaman(Modorators name) or trade skill master guide

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