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    Do you believe in love?

    Do you believe in love?

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    Well what do you mean, it's a emotion isn't it? So yes I do. If you mean love at first sight that is pretty sketchy as you only like the way they look.

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    Do I believe in love?

    Depends on how you define it. I reckon if its a really really strong form of liking someone, then yeh I do. I've experienced "love" for someone, and pined for them for nearly 9 months with no results. Fairly sure that was more than mere "liking".

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    Yep married 11 years and still in love.

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    It's a personal definition, so obviously.

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    Yes, but it's harder and more painful to find then finding hay in a needle stack.

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    I believe in love, just not true love.

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    Yes, yes i do. i also believe in love at first sight. I saw this girl the summer before freshman year. she was hanging out with my best friend and i in our room at camp. (whom she liked). i took one look at her and i pretty much fell in love instantly without even saying 1 word to her. I never said anything to her until 2 months into freshman year. (around 4 months after i first met her). She then started dating my other friend so i kinda gave up and dated this other girl.

    I started txting her again about 2 months into my relationship with this other girl. We talked almost everyday and she broke up with my friend. I then heard through the grapevine that she liked me. Me being completly in love with her and the douche i was, i broke up with my gf and started going out with her less than a month later.

    we broke up a month later which almost killed me inside. after a few weeks we started talking again and she said maybe one day well get back together. whole summer, she never said anything about our relationship, we just talked. i assumed she was done with me and tried to move on again. dated 2 girls. broke up with the second one for her again. at the end of sophmore year.

    Im now in a wonderful relationship with the girl i fell in love for the day i met her. I took a little while and we kept getting the wrong timing and everything. But weve been together for 2 years now and she and i couldnt be happier.

    p.s. im a terrible writer so ill give a tl:dr.
    I met a girl at camp, fell in love first time i saw her.
    didnt get the timing right until end of sophmore year.
    now freshman in college and have been dating her for 2 years (and im already looking for engagement rings) wish me luck =)
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    Quote Originally Posted by cuh View Post
    We have been together for 6 years
    Last night I saw a strange man in my girlfriend's bed
    Should I still believe in love?

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    You are lucky
    Yes, it simply means that she did not feel so strongly after awhile, it fades away like every other emotion, just like hate or sadness got to look ahead. But sucks dude.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cptmyname View Post
    Yes, but it's harder and more painful to find then finding hay in a needle stack.
    I like this. I'll go with this answer.

    To be fair, I'm currently undergoing a painful breakup, so there might be some bitterness here.

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    Quote Originally Posted by eternalwhitemoon View Post
    I like this. I'll go with this answer.

    To be fair, I'm currently undergoing a painful breakup, so there might be some bitterness here.
    Oh sweet jesus run, she will infract everyone, I keed I keed, just got to get through it and all sadness will be gone and you will look past and see how trivial it was.

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    Quote Originally Posted by cuh View Post
    -.-, bitterness is strong in you!

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    I do believe you can love someone else, but a lot of people mistake love and lust, or try to develop one feeling from the other. I think it is possible to first love someone but suspect it is more common to lust for someone before you love them. I am a man and I admit, first thing I do or think is what does the girl look like is she hot to me, do i find something attractive about her, if so then I am more willing or likely to speak with her. Now since I am telling the truth here, Ill add I like girls who are smart, they do not have to be nerdy smart just not Jersey Shore... It is these choices that were driven by lust that led me to find what is attractive to me. I see hundreds of girls a day in the city and a very large number of girls who I find attractive, but I don't approach all of them. I did find a girl who I am compatible with and since feel I have fell in love with her, but it started with me finding her attractive, then took off after I actually spoke with her. Anyway I am just trying to say don't mistake love and lust. It is ok to be picky but be picky about the right things. Chase girls you find attractive, but settle with one who you are compatible with and you will be more likely to feel what it means to me to be in love.

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    Absolutely, and more to the point I believe in true love as well. What can I say, i'm an unashamed romanticist.
    "A writer who says that there are no truths, or that all truth is 'merely relative,' is asking you not to believe him. So don't." - Roger Scruton
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    I see no point in compelling integration. If you can't make your society sufficiently enticing to integrate willingly, then perhaps its not so superior.
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    There's nothing wrong with Islam.

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    It really depends on what kind of love you mean.
    There's the fairy tale bullshit then there is the real thing.

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    Why yes, I love my mum.
    you fill my lungs with sweetness & you fill my head with you.

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    What a silly question, though. Someone is throwing a pity party for themselves!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tulune View Post
    Fuck, foiled by mere seconds!

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    I belive in love as in I care deeply for someone, I would die for them, and I will be faithful to them etc...

    But I don't believe in only one person can be your true love etc...

    I think a lot of people have what it takes to make it as a couple, and love eachother.

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    I believe in love, seeing as I'm lucky enough to be engaged to the woman I consider to be my soul mate.

    Yes, you may all throw up sugar now.

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