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    Quote Originally Posted by hordeorcrogue View Post
    That she's dead. The alcoholic leech can't bother me no more.
    Gah. Get out of the warm and fuzzy thread.

    Thank you to Eis for this gorgeous sig! <3

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    My mum has always been there for me no matter the unimaginably stupid things I have done throughout my 24 years. Disciplined me when I needed it, wasnt afraid to kick my ass when I deserved it and never, ever was stingy with affection or love when I needed it.
    Strongest, woman, person, parent, fighter I've ever known, and I don't think anyone will ever live up to her example of how a good person should be. And the worst part, she's dying slowly, so I cherish every moment I have with her.

    Mums F T W.
    Like the pills in your hands, I'll never let you down and like the bugs in your bed under my skin now, devouring, all that's left of me.

    Send us back to Hell, we've had our fill of Heaven. Give us back our sins, deadly 1 through 7. Keep us from their hearts, saving us like ashes. Grind us down to dust, never trust in anything we're told.

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    My mom was always there for me when I was younger and she's still there for me now that I'm older. She might be annoying at times and I might want to tell her to piss off sometimes but I still know that, even if I did, she would still be there for me and do anything for me.

    That's why I love my mama

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    She's very supportive and loving and at least tries to understand when I start talking about WoW.

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    My mother - despite all her flaws and arguments we had - has always tried to keep me on a good way and I know for sure that I wouldn't live anymore if she didn't try that hard.
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    She always loves me, regardless of all the shit she has to put up with because of me.
    Quote Originally Posted by Crazia View Post
    Your mom is so fat shes the reason blizzard made a limit on mage food.
    Quote Originally Posted by Rucati View Post
    If words bother you that much perhaps you should try being amish so you can avoid them.

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    The awesome pasta she makes.

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    My mom has a bit of a temper, but she always feels bad about it later. Usually she'll take me out to eat or get me a present. Whoever said money can't buy love was stupid. Its impossible to stay mad at your mom when she brings you home tacos.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Badpaladin View Post
    There hasn't been as patient, forgiving and caring a lady as my mother. Oh, and nobody can cook like her, at least not yet. You may annoy the shit out of me sometimes mother, but I'll still love you regardless.
    1000 times this

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    Thought about this for a while, but found it hard to turn into words, so simply: everything. There's not a single thing I'd change in my mother, love her just as she is

    It always makes me sad when I see this blank stare in my cousins eyes when I talk about my parents. Next thing she says is something like: "My relationship with my parents? Umm... I can borrow their car and go eat a dinner with them time to time, but that's it. I never even thought that there's more to it." (She's a great person otherwise, but she's never been close with her parents).

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    No need to explain.. I just wuv my mom <3 AND my dad.. I love 'em both
    Also.. Mom's food.. gawd!

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    Leftcoast 2 blocks from the beach, down the street from a green haze called Venice.
    She lives 600 miles away and only pesters me on Facebook.

    Jewish Mother who is a born again... You do the math, the further away the better.

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    My mother (and my father too) is the most forgiving, caring and kind person I know. She always treated me and my sister well, helped us when we had trouble, was always there to talk with and supported almost everything I did and convinced me not to do the stupid things she didn't support.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Domiku View Post

    /signed, everything!

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    The fact she's just finish a 12 hour shift and offered to stay awake to come to the doctors with me.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Zao View Post
    She always treated me and my brother (fix'd) well, helped us when we had trouble, was always there to talk with and supported almost everything I did and convinced me not to do the stupid things she didn't support.

    Sometimes it seems like she doesn't have that much time for us...but really, that's only because she works so hard to enable us such a carefree life.

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    I feel like I should post a certain Lonely Island song.. but I dont know what'd happen.. Z.z

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    I love how my mom can put up with myself, my dad, and all my crazy friends and family.

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    My mom and I haven't always gotten along too well, but despite our differences, she is there for me when I need her.

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    Only the looks I inheritted from her I guess.. Used to hear people say how alike we were eachother before she got fat.
    Close your eyes and smile.
    [15:53] <PizzaSHARK> you have such a cute accent! ^_^

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