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    demon portal uses

    from what i understand learning to use this is vital in pvp. I dont have much pvp experience either. What are some strategic ways to use it? How should i place it? Position, range, angle, melee vs caster stuff like that. Thanks!

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    Not much PvP experience but one of the more effective ways I've found to use demonic portal is to hide it behind a pillar and teleport away when I'm getting zerged (if I can stay in light of sight of my healer or heal up myself).

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    I'll give you my portal positions and explain why, I'm by no means an expert I play at around 2.1k in 3v3 so I'd like to think I am relatively competant.

    Blade's Edge - Great map with the bridge in the middle. I generally put my portal right in the middle of the bridge. This is great for loosing melee, when your starting out melee will tend to follow you when you jump off and you can simply portal back up to avoid them giving yourself free casts. Beware of shadowstepping rogues though, if they are sub, just stand LOS and switch. Before jumping make sure you let you teammate(s) know you are gona jump+port so they dont follow you.

    Nagrand - I generally run to the right pillar, place my portal LOS and move back to the left. It is just a case of getting LOS, make sure your healer knows where you portal is and ask him to hang around that pillar. Then when you do get into trouble you can quickly get back to him. One thing I do is move out central and ecourage the switch on to me, freeing my warrior up. When they switch on to mean, portal and pillar hug again.

    Ruins - This is one I'm not quite sure about really. A lot say place it near the graves on the sides as they can act as a LOS but I'm not sure about it. I usually place it open, near our entrance and try to fight on to opposite side of the altar. I found a topic on Arena Junkies the other day detailing the "best portal position" for this map, decode it if you want but I don't understand it at all! http://www.arenajunkies.com/topic/19...port-location/

    Dalaran Sewers - Try to place it behind the boxes directly infront of u on the elevated platform. This has two functions, if they come to you you can jump off the platform, hope melee follow you and portal back, giving you time to free cast on them. You can also port LOS when your out in the open. Bare in mind that your portal only lasts for 6 minutes, I myself forget to update it so do so. And if you end up fighting around the other boxes change your portal location to there. Theres nothing worse than being oor of your portal when a warrior is destroying you.

    Hope I have been helpful to some degree

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    i also wanted to ask, when you want to get like a melee out of your face. Should i use portal as a first defensive move or use something like deathcoil? Perhaps use the portal only as a last resort?

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    Quite the opposite, portal is on a much lower cd so dont be afraid to use it. Death Coil has a variety of uses i generally use it as a panic button to get melee of myself or teammates or as an offensive tool to cc the enemy healer whilst we try and land a kill. (Only if there are DRs on Fear, spell lock is on cd etc etc)

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