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    Any as curious as me to see the warlock tier 12 and anyone have an idea what it'll look like besides "spider themed" like the blue post said

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    I'm sure everyone is. I hope it looks more flashy than t11, though it was distinct at least.
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    i'm hoping for something like t1 +t2 combined.those looked sick and really had a warlock feel to it

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    Oh God...what will the helm look like I wonder? Hopefully it won't be to spiderish ._.

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    I'm actually glad they are taking so long to release it. Just means they are saving the best for last
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    Quote Originally Posted by WolfManC View Post
    Oh God...what will the helm look like I wonder? Hopefully it won't be to spiderish ._.

    Almost anything would be better than the "pac-man ghost with added wonky horns" look of the current helm tbh
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    I want something really odd and alien looking. Tier 3 and Tier 8 are my favourite lock tiers for that reason - they make the warlock look slightly less of this world.

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    As long as it doesnt have a giant fish hook in the head, I will be happy

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    I want to see it ... I'm gonna like it anyway so just show me :<

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    I'm very worried about it as the rest of the released sets look either really cool (paladin) or really bad (DK, druid). Please blizzard don't let it have loads of spider legs coming out of the shoulders.

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    just show me sooooon damnit!!! enough waiting!

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    Except on fire.

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    There was DK, Hunter, Mage, Priest, Paladin, Druid, Warrior, Rogue already :<

    That leaves Warlocks and Shamans only hanging D:

    I'm so impatient, dammit.
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