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    Turbo Cyborg Ninjas 8/13 25HM (A) - LF Heals & DK

    TURBO CYBORG NINJAS - tcnguild.com

    We are an Alliance 25-man raiding guild on Ner’zhul (US/PvP) with members located all over North America. Our playerbase consists of mature, full-time working adults and college students, therefore applicants must be at least 18 years old. We are seeking like-minded individuals who are interested in 25-man content, want to be part of a friendly atmosphere, and still want time outside of WoW.

    We have raided continuously for over 3 years through all of Wrath and most of Burning Crusade, clearing all content along the way. We only raid for 9 hours per week, but raid efficiently and keep pace with more hardcore guilds on the server.

    We are currently 8/13 Heroic T11 and looking for a few additional raiders:

    *Disc/Holy Priest - Should be capable of healing in both specs depending on the fight.
    *Resto Shaman or Druid - Geared resto, caster offspec gear a plus.
    *DPS DK - Either spec is fine. Frost kiting experience a HUGE plus!
    *Melee DPS - Either spec is fine. Frost kiting experience a HUGE plus!

    Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday: 830-1130pm PST
    10 mans on off days (Sunday/Monday).

    See WoWProgress - Ner'zhul - Turbo Cyborg Ninjas
    -8/13 Heroic 25-man T11 content (Halfus, Chim, Atramedes, Maloriak, Magmaw, Conclave, ODS, Twins)
    -12/12 Normal 25-man T11 content
    -Fully cleared all Wrath and BC content (10 + 25) including Light of Dawn, Alone in the Darkness, and Twilight Destroyer.

    Loot is distributed through loot council with progression in mind. If getting loot is your only priority, please don't apply.

    How to Apply:
    Please visit tcnguild.com and post an application in the Recruitment section.

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    Immediate opening for 1 Healer (priest preferred) and 1 DPS (melee preferred).

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    See previous post.

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