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    [A]<Rapture>5/13H - 10M LF disc/holy Priest

    Rapture is an Alliance 10-man raiding guild on Alterac Mountains-US (PvP). We are currently looking for one exceptional player to join our 10-man team. This position would not be a bench position... You will have a full time raid spot.

    Raid times (EST):
    Tuesday - 7-11PM
    Thursday - 7-11PM
    Sunday - 7-11PM

    Applicants are required to attend all three of these nights weekly. Naturally, we do understand sometimes things do come up and we have alternates and offspecs available for such eventualities.

    We are currently looking for the following:

    1 Disc/Holy priest

    About the healing position:
    A member of our healing team has decided to play more casually, and we're looking for an exceptional priest to take his full-time raiding spot. We've opted for a priest due to the strength we've seen from our healing composition and feel that it's something that will continue to be a strength heading into 4.2. You'll be healing alongside myself and a resto druid. This position requires the applicant to be able to play disc and holy as best as possible. You will be disc the majority of the time, but some fights will require a holy spec.

    What we Expect:
    -18+ only (sorry)
    -Attendance to all three raid nights
    -Advance notice if you cannot make it
    -Excellent grasp of class, stats and mechanics
    -Situational awareness (no standing in fire)
    -Have a working mic, and don't be afraid to use it
    -12/12 normal completed. Hard mode a plus.

    About Rapture:
    We originated as a 25-man raiding guild on Skullcrusher-US and have since moved to Alterac Mountains. With the lockout changes we opted to focus more on 10-man content as we felt that this concentrated environment helped us ensure that we were raiding with the strongest group possible. Many of us are real-life friends or people who have raided together for years so we're all very friendly and relaxed most of the time.

    About Progression:
    Although we're a pretty relaxed guild, we do take a serious stance on raiding and expect the best out of our members. We don't expect individuals to be perfect, but we do expect people to take responsibility and make changes as necessary to fix their mistakes. Currently we are 5/13H. At this stage in the game we would like to be further, but we have made a number of raid group changes since Cataclysm and finally have a group we're comfortable with. Given the amount of time we've had with our strongest comp, we've done fairly well and believe that we're in a good position for 4.2 once we've filled these two vacancies.

    About Alterac Mountains:
    The server is medium-high population with a stronger Alliance presence. It's not as big of an imbalance as on some servers though, there is a decent Horde presence on the server. The server is fairly stable compared to others I've played on and latency is almost always pretty low. The server is situated in the Nightfall battlegroup.

    How to Apply:
    If you're interested in applying for the open healer position, feel free to apply on our website:


    If you have any questions, feel free to hop onto Alterac Mountains and send a tell or in-game mail to Elieka/Nexxa/Espria/Vivalis (I'm an altoholic, I'm sorry). You can also contact Athena/Waterwings/Arwenn if I'm not around. You could also ask questions here, if you'd like.

    Thanks all!
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    Still looking for a priest.

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