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    Born a Denver Bronco fan, and I will die one as well.

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    Liverpool *shivers* UK *shivers more*
    I feel kind of bad, as I don't have a team that I look out for especially. I love American Football, it kicks the crap out of the football we have here in the UK (though I am a fan of both, give me American Football any day of the week), but I just can't bring myself to love a team. Normally, in any game situation I end up rooting for the underdogs...I guess thats a lot of words to just say "I don't have one"

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    Patriots fan. My dad is a patriots fan and I started watching the games with him when I was five. Just fell in love with the game and been following the pats ever since.

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    Favourite team is le Giants. Been a fan since i can remember (Though i can always remember watching Tiki Barber workin his magic on the field). Dad's always been a huge Cowboy fan, so i always make sure to bring it up anytime we talk about football that the Giants destroyed the Cowboys at the opening game of their new stadium.

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    Steelers. Used to live in Pittsburgh when I was young, but it was more my uncle who got me into them
    Metal Crusader

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    San Diego Chargers! Back from the Natron Means and Jr Seau era!

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    SD Chargers because I liked following Doug Flutie around (Canadian watching him in CFL). Then I ended up just following the team and have stuck with them ever since.

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    Chargers fan right here also, let's make it three in a row. grew up just north of San Diego, pretty much my immediate family and most of my cousins are Chargers fans, grew up watching the games and talking about them enough, so kind of always been part of my life.

    Don Coryell needs to be in the hall of fame, whether or not the man won the sb doesn't matter, he changed the way the game was played.

    Hopefully we still get a season though, I think the chargers have a decent shot this year as long as they can shore up problems on special teams and all heh. Go Chargers!

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    Hello,everybody.I am a newer here.I like to make friends.
    If u are the people that like to make friends too,just contact me.Haha

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    Denver Broncos because my grandpa lived in Denver. Also they had Terrell Davis.

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    New York Giants

    Since i live in Portland, Oregon, we do not have a NFL team. So at the age of 8 I just had to pick one out of a sears catalog where my choice was based only on the uniforms. I am a Chicago Cubs fan for this reason too

    Anyways what really put my "fandom" into full gear was watching Super Bowl XXV when I was 10, and seeing my team win! It was the first time I had experienced this kind of Joy and I became a Giants fan ever since.

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    Green Bay Packers. First game of American football I saw was the '98 Super Bowl between Denver Broncos and Green Bay Packers right after I got to America. My family was all going for the Packers so I just jumped on the bandwagon and have loved the team since then.

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    Saints! Black and gold! xP

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    Quote Originally Posted by banans View Post
    Saints! Black and gold! xP
    What was it like to lose against the Seahawks in the post season last year? I was at that game

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    Life long devoted fan of the Oakland Raiders. I know our fans get a lot of hate for being gangsters and criminals and such but I'm just a fat guy who loves football.

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    Indianapolis Colts. I was born and raised in Indiana.

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    NFL team? None really.

    CFL team?


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    Quote Originally Posted by Zeryx View Post
    Life long devoted fan of the Oakland Raiders. I know our fans get a lot of hate for being gangsters and criminals and such but I'm just a fat guy who loves football.
    No, the Cowboys are known for the criminals. The Raiders are known for shitty ownership, and of course, Jamarcus Russell. Poor guy.

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    The Green Bay Packers,
    Dad was a fan, I started watching with him, been obsessed ever since
    Favorite memory 1997 Supper Bowl Green Bay Vs New England Favre 4ever =P
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    AZ Cardinals! And not just a band wagon fan from the recent Superbowl appearance. Long time fan from back in the mid 70s with Jim Hart, Terry Metcalf, Conrad Dobler. (Yes, I'm kind of old). Long suffering fan other than late 90s with Jake the Snake a playoff win over the Cowgirls, and then the recent Warner years.

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