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    What's the first thing you're going to do when the servers go live?

    Just wondering what I'm going to do when the servers go live. Besides the obvious turning off the different addons that no longer work or need to be updated. What's the best thing to do? Dailies, the new quests I assume? My guild doesn't raid til 8:30 Eastern Standard Time so hopefully the servers will be up by then.

    Just wondering, let me know.

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    First thing i'm going too do is buying all the old valor gear for my alt. Having 4k justice points, and another 4k honor too convert too justice means i can get quite some pieces. Allready have the gems and enchants saved up.
    After that, it's the thrall chain for me, and start with the new dailies.

    After i done all these, and assume i still have the time left, after all the lag and overcrowded areas, it's checking out the achivement tab's for new achivement for my main

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    @Resentful Sorry! I didn't see the thread you linked! Thank you for linking! I see you changed your avatar. Are you a moderator? Just wondering since you seem to be all over the place. Thank you for redirecting the thread.

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    start questing of course!

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