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    Diver's hunt for Bin Ladens body

    All i gotta say is, good luck to him
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    Doubt that it actually be found to be honest. What they said =/= what they did with his body ...

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    Lol ... they body has been eaten/decomposed by now , GL with that .

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    lol.. fish eats corals. Of course they can chew through a body bag...

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    3 million square kms...and he plans to find it in 2 week?

    Good Luck :P
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    Honestly though I'd be amazed if the xpac took that long, even taking Blizzard's soon(tm) into consideration. If it doesn't come out before October it means there are some serious issues behind the scenes and it's time to abandon ship like an Italian cruiseliner captain.

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    It took X years to find Titanic and thay did "allmost" know were it sank. How the hell should thay find a boddy.

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    Bin Laden is still alive at the bottom of the ocean, he feeds on sharks, and coral.

    GL Getting a DNA sample.

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    wont find it.
    he was a CIA mole that decided that he had had enough of watching him self on reruns, so asked for an extraction, Currently he is in the Witness Protection program with new beard Color TV and Internet.
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    He's a shark turd on the bottom of the ocean now.

    The shark probably got indigestion.

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    Megatron came back alive from the bottom of the ocean.

    ...Does this mean?
    this game sucks

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    All the luck to him :P

    *insert random conspiracy here*

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    Even if they actually dumped his body in the ocean, it would be an almost impossible task of finding it.

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    Anyone else think Bin Laden looks Chewy idk myby its just me
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    This guys a douche and only trying to get his 15 minutes of fame. I'd say I hope he fails but we already know it will so I can just start laughing at him now.

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    Gl to him because it's almost literally impossible, that body assuming it was there would of rotted away now in addition

    It's probably been eaten/decomposed already

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    What a ridiculous claim! I can't believe people will actually listen to him..

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    He was a bigger douche trying to go after the $25 million bounty first.

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    I have his body in my backyard. He makes a hell of a scarecrow...

    I always thought the scarecrow in batman movie was miscast. They could afford all those special effects, but they couldn't find the money for a guy who doesn't even have a flat screen TV. Good movie Nolan, but a Bin Laden scarecrow, would have been much better.

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    Poseidon has made good use of the body. Unleash the Osama Bin Kraken :P

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    Quote Originally Posted by Orby View Post
    Poseidon has made good use of the body. Unleash the Osama Bin Kraken :P
    Ha! I literally pooped for that. Luckily, I was trying to do that already. So, no mess made. Thank you sr/ma'am...

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