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    zomg......Fire on everything....hmm..+stats on everything plus fire.................thats it..........oh wait......................FIRE FIRE FIRE......oh shit more fire...........

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    Go to, find the T12 you wanna preview. Press watch in 3d link. Pick a race and gender. ???. Enjoy

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    Damn you bibi! I bought up my Conquest points when you announced that Arena would en 21th, If it doesn't I would have had enough for a Weapon!

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    What happened to the paladin set that had pants not a skirt...sure i saw a screenshot with pants...

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    Why do hunters get prosthetic ears? This makes me long for TBC sets again. :P

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    Funny how they are so defensive regarding the delay. It's their choice when to release the patch or start a new season, no need to defend their reasons.

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    It looks kinda stupid when most of the T12 has Fiery color for Normal and then Red for Heroic

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    I don't quite understand. Does it mean the patch might come june 21 after all?

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    Hunter helm looks like some kind of pagan homosexual middleeastern pirate... but other than that I approve.

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    i want to be a shaman

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    paladin skirt again!!! sort yaself out blizz!!!

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    my ratings: Rogue 10/10+ *masterpiece* Paladin: 10/10 Mage 8/10 Hunter 7/10 Warrior 7/10 DK 6/10 Shaman 6/10 Warlock 4/10 Priest 2/10

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    I have to admit, that HC hunter armour looks absolutely stunningly gorgeous!

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    "Another bugfix build has been deployed on test realms tonight. That one really didn't have any interesting changes and it looks like the June 28th release date shouldn't be reported, I'll assume Blizzard is done at this point".

    What does this mean lol?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rhey View Post
    Spiderlock !
    Toiletpriest, ASSEMBLE!!!

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    lol'd at the mage heroic set, that is the ugliest shit I've ever seen and I'll be forced to run around in it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kuja View Post
    Funny how they are so defensive regarding the delay. It's their choice when to release the patch or start a new season, no need to defend their reasons.
    because they know a lot of people have already quit due to lack of new content. its like when you kick yourself because messed up at work and you say "I'm going to make sure that doesn't happen again"

    in response to people cancelling subscriptions, they said they will try to release content sooner. and they said this after they delayed firelands from 4.1 to 4.2 but still its taking even longer. so maybe it'll be out on the 28th, and maybe not, now they're keeping the door open still.

    the thing is, though they may have convinced you somewhere along the way that "its blizzard's game, we pay to rent time" they know its really the player's game. They know players have to stay satisfied, regardless if you think they dont. the customer always has the power. the business selling a product or service is for the customer, serving the customer. the customer has the power and will speak with their money. the business has to respect this or they won't be a business anymore. regardless of what you think about fairness or whatnot, that is reality.

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    Quote Originally Posted by dazmck10 View Post
    Aww what happened to the sweet blue DK set?
    Yes, it's a great pity, that they don't take the blue version of the dk tier 12

    It would be a great thing, if they change the colors from the tier sets in dependence with the spec. For example: The blue dk set for the frost tree, the red for the blood and the green for the unholy. Or an another example: The purple mage set for the arcane, blue for frost, red for fire. That's push up the individuality of the chars.

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    Shame about some of the colour selections there.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Simca View Post
    I really like the color schemes on the both versions of the Rogue tier. It -almost- makes me want to play my Rogue.

    The Paladin tier looks almost identical from normal to heroic though; that is disappointing. Still looks cool though.
    Personally, the white version was a lot more badass.

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