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    the top world pve-ers will DOMINATE in next seasons arena with those heroic weapons LOL cant wait for some action vids :]

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    OK this might not be the best place to bring this up but any idea on when we might see epic gems if ever? would be awesome to have some +60 int gems to go in a dragonwrath...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Marcis View Post
    I wonder what it takes to get that legendary staff...
    I read somewhere that you need items that drop off the raid bosses that came with launch and a bunch of other crafting things too... and also things from firelands

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    ermm.. no hit on any spell dps item? wtf Blizz?

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    Epic gems most likely in 4.3.

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    Erm - they really don't know why there is a low rogue population out there - are you serious?This whole expansion and going into 4.2 it is abundantly clear (just like most mmo's at the mo e.g. Rift) thy the game is favouring ranged.Add and boss mechanics make it a nightmare to survive / get decent dps compared to the casters and hunters.Rogue is low pop because every spec it has is mele dps so it is pretty obvious.Other classes such as warr's (people go tank), shammies (most are healers) etc etc.How many enhance shammies u see atm, barely any, ret's well let's be honest they are back to being loladins.Blizz want to fix this they need to start sorting out te encounters more fairly - as I get bored of seeing a hunter smashing two buttons in some epics and blues (spamming two buttons) beat enhancement shammies / ret's / rouge's because of fight mechanics alone.

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    I choose main classes based on flexibility. So, in WoW, the only two classes I ever considered for my main were Paladins and Druids; I don't care if the other classes are cool or whatever, with Paladins and Druids I'm able to just respec in order to try other roles, instead of having to level a new toon. For me, this is enough advantage I don't think I will ever get any other class to max level. And, while I can't vouch for other players, I do believe a good deal of the prevalence of Paladins and Druids is due to this aspect. Besides, rogues are the only pure DPS Melee class. When perceptions are that Hybrids are better to play than Pure classes due to their flexibility, and that Ranged is better than Melee most times, it's easy to see why rogues might be somewhat less popular. Apart from making Melee as desirable as, if not more desirable than, ranged (or giving rogues a Healing or Tanking spec ), I don't see much that could be done to make them more popular.

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    I desperately hope that they update the stats on the staff that precedes Dragonwrath... Also, wasn't there supposed to be a step that came before Runestaff of Nordrassil?

    Edit: Oh, right, it was on the "Normal" tab. Duh.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Raptoos View Post
    I see it too, and I am little worry about it.

    Why does every cloth is "dps"?
    Um yeagh thats right, Blizz decided there was no need for cloth spirit gear and you dont get any now.

    Come on guys, use your brain, its ptr builds that are being data mined by unsupported means.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Freese View Post
    Can you show us which items these are recolors of? I'm serious. Go through the loot list and show me which items are "recicled" (assuming you meant recycled) and link the other item that supposedly looks so similar.
    I bet you can go look yourself, if you can be part of the grammar police you are probably capable of that. Unless you never did ICC or bc instances. Might do it tomorrow if someone serious ask about it.
    English is not my main language so grammar errors might happen.

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    As much as I'm disappointed with Blizz's response to rogues here (there are obvious balance issues that have been blatently ignored), I will still refuse to re-roll a bloody hybrid or ranged pure just to faceroll to the top of the meters. I've always been a rogue and I love it, the fact that there are less of us only makes the really awesome rogues stand out from the bunch even more. I see it as a challange rather than a lost cause. Really good/talented rogues are still totally competitive, you just have to be a much better player than everyone else to ensure your raid spot...... BRING IT!..

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    Quote Originally Posted by Coldkil View Post
    We all know that rogues are not boring. In PvP they are really fun, even if we do little damage but lots of control; I love my rogue in PvE too.

    Anyway this is a personal opinion; the fact is that we became the underdogs of PvE and PvP just because our mechanics didn't change much during the times. Ok, you can say warriors and mages haven't changed much, but the fact is that your "numbers" (yes, i man the yellow ones that pop on the screen) have raised constantly through the expansions. As a rogue, this feeling disappears. We are just used to a continuos flow of small numbers we don't even read (my MSBT is set to not dispaly anything below 5k dmg, and i don't see much) so it seems that rogues don't grow as other classes.

    Another thing is the way we do damage: mostly from autoattacks and poisons, which are powerful but not controlled by the player. We can be balanced, but the sensation is that you are looking at some bot doing the work, while other melee and all the casters actively do damage (they do damage with their spell/abilities for the biggest part). It's not a balance issue (as the blue said). It's a class mechanic issue, and a very complicated one.

    Rogues need a huge rework (similar to focus for hunters in terms of importance), but it's a thing you can do between expansions and not in the middle of one. Even if i hope they will do it asap. And don't ask me for solutions, as i don't have none atm (nothing balanced).

    edit: WTF why it has become a wall of text? corrected.
    I played my rogue from 2005 to 2010 and i have to tell you that i share your opinion. the class has not changed, it feels the same since late tbc/wotlk. a rework could get some players like me to give it another shot.

    what do i play now? a druid. because i can tank for my guild and still outdps my rogue as a cat. was it a hard choice? not really.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Todesbote View Post
    I played my rogue from 2005 to 2010 and i have to tell you that i share your opinion. the class has not changed, it feels the same since late tbc/wotlk. a rework could get some players like me to give it another shot.

    what do i play now? a druid. because i can tank for my guild and still outdps my rogue as a cat. was it a hard choice? not really.
    I've played a rogue since vanilla WoW beta and still do, love the concept but I hate how they've become as well as druids. Why? Because why be a rogue when you can be a druid and do the same stuff basically only better and with more options? Hybrids (Paladin/Druids) are OP and always will be until they bring more utility and far less competition with base classes in damage/healing.
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    Cant wait untill i can get a new pair of awesome fist weps on my shammy for enhance!!

    Oh wait....

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    Hmm, all caster leather has sprit :/ At least we have reforging

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    Quote Originally Posted by Shambulanced View Post
    I disagree on the rogue comment. Rogues historically have not had raidbuffs, but to make up for that, they had utility. They could vanish out of a fight, use cables, save a raid, etc. They had an awesome interrupt. They had (in times during BC era) unquestionably the highest DPS of any class.So what happened?Well, they've had their relative dps nerfed (now well-played rogues will still be outdpsed by well-played hybrids, such as shadow priests). They've had much of their utility homogenized. They still have (for the most part) negligible or easily-overwritten raidbuffs. Shaman got wind shear.Add to that that fights still heavily punish (tax is a fun word to use here) melee, and you can see why rogues wouldn't want to stick around. DKs can do competitive damage, have more significant utility, and survival that doesn't hurt their dps as much as a rogue's does (I'm thinking about recuperate in this situation). The choice is obvious. Not to mention that DK is a hybrid class, and can in some situations offtank in dps gear/spec.[sarcasm] But no, disregard all of that. I'm sure rogues have become unpopular because world pvp is dead. Yes, this must be the answer. [/sarcasm]. NEXT!
    Like you say..they had,they had , they had . Now in my server only 13 rogues from 4.2k population are still raiding and only 6 rogues above 2200 rate.....Nothing else to say.

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    I wish blizz would explain why they keep putting healer weapons on end bosses

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    Nice loot list :P

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