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    Snuggle snuggle snuggle.
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    you got me where you want me again and i can’t turn away
    i'm hanging by thread and i'm feelin’ like a fool
    i'm stuck here in-between, the shadows of my yesterday
    i want to get away, i need to get away
    now you know, yeah you got my back against the wall.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SuperMechatronGamer View Post
    Hypothetically; Nasa warns us that because of <insert random doomsday scenario here> the world is going to be destroyed in 24 hours. This is confirmed by independent scientists around the globe and it is pretty much set in stone that the world will end.

    They would NEVER EVER tell about something like that, it would cause SO much sick things and mayhem that it would be the shitstorm of the universe. No one wants to live the last day like that. If they still would air this kind of news.

    I would:

    • Have lots and lots of sex.
    • Have even more sex.
    • Spend time with family & friends. (i have spent too much time with my family allready.)
    • Tell the person you love that you love them.
    • Pray to God. (no comment.)
    • Try and save the world. (I think its beyond saving at that point.)
    • Just cause random mayhem and wreck shit up for the lols.
    • Take drugs. (maybe some weed, Don't want to waste my last 24h running around like crazy thinking my hand will eat me.)
    • Eat all the food you ever wanted. (O.o i can eat what i want now.)
    • Party like it's 1985.
    • Sleep through the whole thing. (no wai)
    • Play WoW or other videogame. (Like the servers would't go down and the power also? never would waste my last 24h for that)
    I kinda answered to that list.

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    I'd start an all day sex-a-thon with a close lady friend of mine
    When work feels overwhelming, remember that you're going to die.

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    I would kill someone.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mummbles View Post
    I'd start an all day sex-a-thon with a close lady friend of mine
    And what happens when she has the same idea..with someone else.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gredge View Post
    And what happens when she has the same idea..with someone else.
    Now where did I put that rape whistle...

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    tell the girl i like that i love her, then hop on a plain and go to her to spend the last hours with her

    also would track down all the jackasses i have met in my life then beat their heads wich a club or somethign metalic
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    someone else might have gotten it wrong.

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    I have a strong suspicion that everyone suggesting "all day sex" is a virgin. Anyone fucking on the regular WOULD not choose to spend their last 24/h doing that.

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    I'm willing to wear a paper bag over my head with that person's name on it.
    When work feels overwhelming, remember that you're going to die.

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    drink rum like Cpt. Jack Sparrow, smexy time, MORE smexy time, some random shit, take a dump in the persons next door to me's garden, kick their kids in the heads, sleep and wake up the next morning in the middle of a burning town saying "huh, im kinda screwed here..."

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    Quote Originally Posted by 3dtyrant View Post
    take a dump in the persons next door to me's garden, kick their kids in the heads
    fucking LOL

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    The same thing we do everyday Pinky...TRY TO TAKE OVER THE WORLD!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Blackeyecycle View Post
    I would kill someone.
    I would probably do that as well.. I mean, I would not go on a killing spree. But if the world would end, and everyone would die anyway, then I would kill someone just for the experience of killing someone. Could probably do it as a mercy-killing, on someone not wanting to see the end.

    Then I would take all the drugs I'm able to get my hands on, and die drunk/high as fuck. Not struck by fear, but why how awesome the meteor/explosion/whatever looks like.

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    I'd rush over to Layla Kayleigh's house (from AoTS), confess my undying love for her and spout out some random cheesy lines and then walk inside and make hawt passionate lurve with her!

    But in the real world, I'd probably get slapped and have the door slammed in my face. In which case I'd down a few bottles of whiskey and go out and join the rioting.

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    Man, I'd be praying.
    However I'd also express my feelings to just about those that I feel deserve to know whether I love/hate them.

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    Hurry up and get to 85!!

    And have lots and lots of sex.

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    just go out with friends and get hammered enough so I don't care anymore

    Puke all over myself while that giant meteor slams the earth

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    Crime and mayhem. Declare myself ruler of the world . . for the rest of its existence. I would also track down girls from my list of girls I've always wanted to do . . . and do them. theres only a handful on the list so it wouldnt take more than 6 of my 24 hours. 18 hours left for the aforementioned crime and mayhem and drinking.

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    do lsd
    and a shitload-dose at that
    like..try a thumbprint

    i once heard a guy doing a serious thumbprint and he swore on his soul that he experienced nine hundred years in full speed, although he was just 20 hours off this world.
    even if it isnt a 900-year-trip, it'll be a so downright spiritual experience that i just know that i can die peacefully afterwards.
    also - i bet a fractal meteor would look damn funny.

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    As much fun as humanly possible, naturally.
    Namely, lots and lots of sex and mayhem (preferably simultaneously).

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