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    How do you react to jerks?

    Story time (no tldr):
    Today I was riding my bicycle downtown. It was the nicest day it's been in a while, so naturally there were lots of people coming downtown. Anyways, where I live there's many bike lanes and sidewalks. I always choose to ride on the bike lane, however there were so many cars today that I actually saw a few people speeding through the bike lanes to get by! Not wanting to risk my life because of some idiots, I rode on the sidewalk instead. Note it's not illegal here to ride on sidewalks and I always go slow, especially around corners.

    So here I am riding down the sidewalk when some big bald guy is walking towards my way. I waited to see which side of the sidewalk he would walk so I could get around, but this guy decided to stretch his arms out so I couldn't go anywhere. As I come close to him, he immediately starts freaking out and tells me to get on the fucking bike lane NOW! and that I'm a dumb kid. I started to explain my situation about the cars speeding in the bike lane but I stopped myself and said "You know what, fuck it. fuck you" and rode directly towards him. He jumped out of the way and said nothing more.

    I felt good about going about it this way because I wasn't being a doormat for some asshole, like I usually do. He wouldn't of cared for my situation anyways, so why bother being nice? I've decided I'll react this way more often if people treat me like crap, instead of being nice to try to dissolve the issue.

    So how do you react to someone treating you like crap? I'd love to read some stories too if you feel like posting them.
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    I out-jerk them.

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    I don't care. They aren't worth my time. I usually just laugh and get on with my day rofl

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    I just laugh at them and say nothing.

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    I punch them in the face.
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    I just tell them, If you don't shut the fuck up. Ill make you shut up. But that's only for people who are real jerks and don't give a shit. Other than that. Ill just tell them to fuck off.

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    so for your ego you decided to ride into him but he jumped out of the way. hm thats not very smart if you had hit the guy. oh and don't think just cause your the bigger ahole won't mean people won't go after you.

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    I'm in your situation a lot, except I work for a landscaping company. I have no choice but to smile. Sometimes I would like to do something similar to what you did but I would probably lose my job :P. Best thing is to just ignore it really, don't get down on their level. Sometimes you can mess with their head if you smile and say "have a good day" after someone rants at you.

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    I'm usually too much of a pushover to dish it back. Having somewhat of an art background, I'd probably take an approach similar to this if I were to retaliate:

    The ones I'll never hear from/see again: Don't care enough to do much of anything. I did my time as a retail flunkie so I've grown a thick skin as far as unfounded a-holiness goes.

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    It would be "proper" to stop and explain the situation to him, and to let him know that you may be a "dumb kid", but due to all of his "dumbass adult" peers you have been forced to ride on the sidewalk for safety concerns. You can also then rmeind him there is no law against it.

    If he continues, you simply find another adult, and ask them to mediate. Of, if you want to see him freak out quickly, ask him for his name. When he asks why, continue to politely ask him for his name until he leaves you alone. If he doesn't, you have yourself a harassment case.

    But no, at your age, I may or may not have stopped and walked my bike... okay, no I wouldn't. When I was a teenager we rode wherever the hell we wanted to, and if people didn't like it they could quite simply fuck off. My generation is the reason there are bike lanes in the first place.

    Or, if you really wanted to, you could just yell, "No brakes, no brakes" as you pedal even faster towards the stubborn sonofabitch.

    1. Respect your elders.
    2. If the elders are obviously just trying to be assholes for no reason, they are pretty much acitng like teenagers. In that case, run the asshole over.

    My two cents.

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    laugh and smile at them, nothing will tick them off more.
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    Counter-jerk them. You'll get more respect for it. (both self-respect and from others)

    Arrogance is actually really quite a useful taint at times even if it's just acted.

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    Troll them
    this, its the best way really

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    I just laugh and sarcastically ask them if they are mad. Works on the internet, works even better IRL.

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    I punch them in the dick.

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    laugh at them or out-jerk them, embarass them in front of their friends.

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    Various ways but generally if someones being a complete moron i'll just rise above it.
    They are obviously stupid or short sighted etc so I'll not let either their opinions or actions bother me, if I can dispose of them in some way I happily will but i'm generally VERY good at being laid back in the face of jerks
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    Always treat people with respect until they show me they do not deserve it.
    That guy is an asshole.
    And making people bike where cars drive is ludicrous.

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