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  • Mage

    90 32.85%
  • Warlock

    73 26.64%
  • Elemental Shaman

    21 7.66%
  • Boomkin

    33 12.04%
  • Shadow Priest

    45 16.42%
  • Other? (I hope not)

    12 4.38%
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    Who is getting your raids first Dragonwrath?

    Just curious to see what this will look like.
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    I believe our boomkin is getting the first one here

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    not me. raid leader just had to be a mage haha

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    Warlock (meeeeeeeee!!! *squees*).

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    Warlock, Affliction.

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    I am not involved in the decision making, but attendance, performance and attitude along with benefit to the raid all play a roll.

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    Elemental shammy here (thats me)

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    Me, affliction warlock.

    Although I've been thinking about changing my main to feral tank because of tank shortage in the guild but if I decide to keep playing the lock then I'll get the staff.

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    Me And it shouldnt take that long with the fast clears.

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    Moonkin in ours (10 man). Second will either be me (ele shaman) or Mage.

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    pretty sure I am but i don't really care for the legendary tbh.

    not sure why, i just don't.

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    Mage then I believe another Mage and then probably me.

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    Shadow Priest.
    Its k cause we love him.

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    Shadow priest

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    Its not been decided. We're going to /roll on it when we get our first drop. Only regular raiders will be allowed to roll.

    Thus, its a toss up between 3 Mages, a Warlock, a Boomkin and an Elemental Shaman (me).

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    Me, the moonkin

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    Me, Arcane mage.

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    Our mage, though I want freaking lightning machineguns on my shaman.
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    Either a mage or a shadow priest. I gave up my spot due to potential, and known conflicts with my work schedule. That would not allow me to raid regularly.

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    Me, fire/arcane mage

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