View Poll Results: First Dragonwrath

274. You may not vote on this poll
  • Mage

    90 32.85%
  • Warlock

    73 26.64%
  • Elemental Shaman

    21 7.66%
  • Boomkin

    33 12.04%
  • Shadow Priest

    45 16.42%
  • Other? (I hope not)

    12 4.38%
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    Originally it was planned to be me! On a warlock no less. However, since I don't play anymore the mage is getting it. ;p
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    that would be me ( warlock) cuz i'm the only caster in the coreteam...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Howdyho View Post
    Every time a shaman gets it I'm doing a facepalm.
    At first I thought this too and you could make an argument against ele shams because they can use shields but shields mostly have the same base stats as off hands and almost always have spirit....really the only thing they gain from shields compared to off hands is alot more armor.

    Really ele shams should have the same consideration as mages/locks/spriests even though they all might benefit from it a bit more because they all have more big nukes and dots, ele shams are not really on par with other casters and having one go to an ele sham might boost the raids dps more then it would with another caster who already puts out good numbers.
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    Liking kill lv 20 when 85. See no PVP then can going do what PVP making. No 40, No 60, can not finding, but 20 all here and there, so sigh, then 20 die

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