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    Cool Camping In the forest

    Good evening/day everyone! (Im from the UK)

    Im 18 and going camping with a couple of mates next week, for 3 consecutive nights, and I've never been before. We will be on a proper camp site, in some forest, so I was wondering from you experienced campers; what ESSENTIAL items do I need to remember to take? Particularly looking for those items which most people forget and then get there cursing themselves - because I dont want to be doing this :P

    Please feel free to list anything of use which will help me or us as a group of 12 to take ^^

    My list so far...

    Food (Help possibly on what foods are best) + Drink
    Spare change of clothes
    Comfy hiking shoes + sporty shoes
    Tent (Still need to buy one, for 2-4 people, any advice on a decent one is great!)
    Knife/Fork/Spoon/Plastic plates
    Shampoo (Planning on washing in a river if the water is clear :P)
    BBQ (probably, disposable)
    Sport stuff (cricket ball, tennis ball, football, badminton shizz - everyones chipping in here)

    ...and thats about it so far, so what essential...DERP...things have I missed out that I really ought to take, or stuff that is just cool to take ^^

    Thanks everyone in advance

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    Sleeping bag? And some sort of rug to sit on outside the tent!

    Dont forget a sleeping pad"! your back would hurt to sleep on solid dirt lol. And bug spray

    A first aid kid may be needed, depends how far out your going
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    amgd, flashlight, gd idea, and sleeping bag, how could i forget >.< TYVM!

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    Rope is something you can always use while camping, but would never think you will need

    Ponchos are great if there is some unforeseeable weather changes.

    You can buy somewhat small fold up grills that run off of small propane tanks. They work great and are usually good enough quality for multiple excursions.

    A canteen is essential. You don't want to be constantly lugging around water bottles because of them not being very practical. If you find a nice spring you can always fill it up and you wont have to worry about littering. Accidental or otherwise.

    I've never been to europe so idk what cheap stores you guys got but over in the US you can buy a fairly decent tent at walmart for <75 dollars. Remember don't go crazy spending on one, they can be very over priced.
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    In addition to what has already been said:

    If you're staying in a tent, you'll want a ground cover of some sort to put under your pad / sleeping bag. Usually made of heavier plastic. It'll keep your bedding from getting wet.

    If you'll be drinking from a stream or lake, or some other unreliable source, you'll want a filtration system (or pot to boil the water in first).

    Bring multiple lighters. Seal at least one with some other fire starting material (cotton balls dipped in vaseline are good) in case of emergency.

    Extra batteries.

    Jerky and energy bars are great to have along.

    A radio is nice to have along.

    Tylenol or some other pain reliever. Headaches SUCK if you have no way of alleviating them.

    Cooking utensils. Pots. A good mess kit should serve.

    An axe for firewood and other chores.

    A whistle (helps if you're lost for people to find you)

    You can imagine what else if you think ahead. But one thing you MUST do: let people know where you'll be going and when to expect you back.

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    If you want any room at all in a tent for 2 people............get AT LEAST a 4 person or bigger tent. The companies that make tents rate the size is sooooooooooooo small. Trust me on this one
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    Do yourself a favour and buy an air mattress. You'll sleep a lot better. Oh and a good collapsing chair.

    Also, if you're going with 12 or so people, don't be the guy who brings everything. Just bring what you need to be comfortable.

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    Your such an old man Fuzzie :P

    I’ve been camping all over the world Waimzer and the one thing that saved my arse (literally) was baby wipes, don’t bother with shampoo and soap baby wipes will clean anything.

    I will include a list take it or leave it if you will but this is the bare essentials that you will need.

    Socks x 6 (Most important if your hiking, bring 3 pairs of thin socks and 3 pairs of thick preferably wool)
    Boxers x 3 (Only 3 days)
    Walking boots
    Bergan (Rucksack)
    Head torch/Wind up torch. (Or both) Link

    Food (Army ration packs Link or noodles that you boil in water)
    Mess tin Link
    KFS (Knife, Fork, Spoon) Link
    Hexy block’s & Burner Link
    Metal cup (plastic breaks easy)
    Lighter x 3 (Matches get wet and won't work)

    Sleeping bag (assuming your camping in english weather) Link
    Roll mat (Self inflating is best) Link
    Tent (Get a 5 – 6 man if it’s for 4 people) a 5 man COleman tent will do you for 3 days. Link

    Insect repellent
    Plasters (For blisters etc)
    Baby wipes x 1

    Seal eveything in plastic bags to avoid it getting wet or damp, even your sleeping bag

    I think thats it feel free to PM me if you have any questions.

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    excellent advice from you all, and especially thanks for that list Toccs, plenty of stuff on there that I totally would forget!

    Looking forward to this now, 5days away!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Toccs View Post
    Your such an old man Fuzzie :P
    Maybe so, but there is nothing less fun than sitting on a rock all day only to go sleep on the rough ground.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hiya View Post

    If you want any room at all in a tent for 2 people............get AT LEAST a 4 person or bigger tent. The companies that make tents rate the size is sooooooooooooo small. Trust me on this one
    ^^ This. You might not think it is important but if you live someplace that it rains, or is humid then if you have a bunch of stuff against the wall, and there is not enough air ventilation through the tent the walls will get wet and you could wake up in a puddle. Been there done that.. not fun.

    On that same note, at least 2-3 tarps. Even if you don't need them they are good just in case the weather changes. This is also where the rope Ketzil suggested is handy.

    If you are going to have a firepit, matches/lighter are a must. A couple of folding chairs to hang out in.
    If you are going to bring cold food, you will need a cooler, and don't forget the ice. Like Fuzzie said though, don't bring everything, make your friends help fill the cooler, and any other food you bring along.

    Also, garbage bags. You will need somewhere to put your trash. Burning it isn't always a great idea.

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    Im from the UK to

    I go Camping alot as well, been to Shell Island in wales many times, Ideally you'll only need a few Essentials:

    Food - Soups , and barebcue food
    Clothes - Derp
    Pen Knife / Swiss Army Knife - you will not understand how awesome these things are till you truely need it.
    Torch / Flashlight
    Gas Burner ( buy 1 from tesco's or something for £20 ) - perfect for heating up soup and other foods,
    Disposable barbecue
    CHAIRS - do not forget these
    TENTS - as above ^^
    Plates / Cups - up to you if you take disposable ones or not, depends if your taking a car or if you plan on it raining
    Sleeping Bag / ROll Matress - nothing worse than waking up hungover with a stuff neck and / or back

    thats about it for essentials

    Ohh - Mobile Phone, incase you get lost

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