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    Prot stat question

    Quick question. I know you're suppose to keep dodge and parry close after CTC cap, but should I balance it with only kings/motw up or with kings/motw and my resolve of undying trinket buff stacked?

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    Since Resolve is up all the time once it's stacked (and it stacks fast), you should treat it as a permanent dodge buff. So, when balancing dodge and parry, keep your parry close to your dodge with Resolve stacked.

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    Also you should remember str/agility boost that is got from dk/warriors will increase your parry, so if you have those buffs with you, notice them.

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    Agility doesn't increase our dodge chance.

    You want to balance these things WITH buffs as the idea is to be CTC with raid buffs - food/flasks/buffs included. This will generally only be Kings, Horn, and Lavascale Minestrone. You want your dodge/parry to be equal at that point.

    When balancing it without these buffs (When I used to do it, I knew that 100.45% unbuffed = CTC raid buffed for my gear but it varies per person) you want your dodge to be 200 rating higher than parry because then with raid buffs they become equal as parry increases with raid buffs but dodge does not.

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