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    Playing a Character (RP Etiquette)

    Roleplaying a Character!
    This is a little reminder of what you should be doing, and what you definitely should not be doing. Before you engage in any roleplays, make sure you've read and understood the below rules. Breaking the rules will get you a warning, and continually breaking the rules will have consequences.

    You should attempt to:

    - Roleplay in a creative manner:
    When you're writing a post in a response to a roleplay, attempt to be creative about it. Include your characters thoughts, actions, motives and everything that makes your character what (s)he is. It becomes way more interesting reading about how someone thinks goblins are a greedy race while he's drinking a beer, than if he was just drinking that beer.
    - Interact with other roleplayers: When you're participating in a roleplay, attempt to interact with the other players present in the roleplay. This could be merely mentioning something about the guy next to you being way too drunk, to actually sitting down and drinking a beer with him. Everything gets more fun if you attempt to take part in what's going on!
    - Give thought to your actions: Seeking out bar fights can be completely okay, yet fighting just to fight quickly gets boring. This means you should give thought to what your character is doing. A lot of strange things do happen in WoW, yet bar fighting often will get you banned from said bar.
    - Use (( )) around your OOC talk: This is something you must always do, to allow others to know that you're talking outside your character. In general you should try to avoid OOC chatting in threads if its between two people. Attempt to sort such minorities out in PM's.
    - Use NPC's: If the roleplay allows it, don't hesitate to bring some NPC's alongside you. It can often bring a lot of depth to a roleplay that might else appear shallow.

    You should NEVER:

    - Godmod/Powerplay:
    Godmoding means taking control over other characters actions. An example would be describing how much an enemy suffered from a blow, or whether someone else finds you attractive. Basically taking any form of control over other roleplayers characters. Powerplay is making your character almighty. This means pushing, hitting or even something like kissing another roleplayer without giving them the chance to react. When roleplaying, your character attempts to do these kind of things. It is not granted that they will succeed. A more throughout example would be a warrior grabbing a mage. That leaves the mage without the chance to respond, even though he might've wanted to blink away.
    - Go Off-Topic: Posting while in character or out of character in a way that sidetracks the RP is frowned upon in pretty much any RP community. Nonsensical OOC comments also fit in this category.
    - Bend the Lore too heavily: Adding things like knowing some of the components to the Forsaken plague can be an alright move. Adding things like Thrall and Jaina having a son is not. Small things are generally acceptable, whereas larger things never will be. Do not try to go overboard, it'll just get rejected.
    - metagame: This means taking things that was said outside a roleplay, and drag it into the roleplay. An example could be taking knowledge of what was discussed on our private chat channel @ IRC, and giving your character that knowledge in-game. Unless your character has gained this knowledge him/herself, there's no way she could know. Meta-gaming also means copying other peoples work which is COMPLETELY unacceptable.
    For Fighting: Please follow this link to find the Etiquette of fighting:
    http://www.mmo-champion.com/threads/...11007864<br />

    Props to Saerwen for updating this thread and Tharaldriel for making the original!

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