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    Shadow DPS

    Hey MMO-Champions!

    Just a quick post, to really ask for your help in fixing my dps issues. Currently i can pull a steady 15k dps, which i know is pretty awful, and i KNOW i can pull more, but im at a loss as to why I cannot get any higher. Ive recently changed from Holy to Shadow, so i have 3 items which are meant for healers, but I should still be doing more than I am..surely? is my armoury link!

    If any shadow priests out there can give me a bit of a helping hand, would be muchos loved!

    edit: For some reason its showing 13% hit on armory...but in game its showing close to 17%!
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    Step 1: Make this macro

    #show Swipe (Bear)
    /cast Maul
    /cast Swipe (Bear)

    Step 2: Bind this macro to your L and O buttons

    Step 3: Run into any heroic and LOL your way to victory

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    Your rotation that you're using?
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    your crit and mastery are way too high compared to your haste
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    Your haste is a little low.

    You also want to have all socket bonuses that have Intellect, Spirit, and Haste. You're very slightly under hit rating, but I don't think that's a major problem.

    Look at my character for references:

    dit: I should now be in my pve gear
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    i think crit is ok, mastery is a bit high and haste is much too low, because you have many items without haste as an unreforged stat
    maybe you should concentrate on more equip with spirit/haste, hit/haste or haste/mastery on it

    and you should reforge mastery of your 1st trinket into haste
    your shoulders are not enchanted and your wrists should get +50int instead of +65 haste

    hope i could help

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    In your edit, I assume you mean haste and not hit? Either way, your haste seems horribly low. I'm sitting at around a 2550 haste rating when Shadow. I definitely recommend trying to get your T11 shadow chest and legs with JP, which have more ideal stats than crit (haste/crit and spirit/haste respectively). You seem to have the right idea in terms of gemming, enchanting, and reforging. If you can, work on your Therazane rep to get the shoulder enchant. Otherwise, try to at least enchant it with a PvP int enchant. I would personally reforge your trinket from Mastery -> Haste, though I'm not too sure how Mastery ranks in comparison to Haste now (haven't played Shadow as much in 4.2, and I continue to stack Haste quite a bit).

    Rotation: Vampiric Touch -> SW:Pain -> Devouring Plague -> MF until 1+ orbs proc -> MB for Empowering Shadows -> MF
    - Refresh dots accordingly (don't let them fall off, wait until there's about a tick left to refresh).
    - I Shadowfiend towards the start of the fight once my int procs are all up (Volcano card + Power Torrent for me), and I generally like to pop my Archangel before my first (or second) MB of the fight depending on whether I have all 5 stacks of Dark Evangelism. During the fight, I use them on CD once they're up (or potentially wait a few seconds if I know my procs are coming back up).
    - Refresh dots when you have int procs up to make your dots tick harder. Dots won't be affected by int procs unless you refresh that dot while the proc is up (and the dot will be buffed even after the int proc falls off until you refresh it again).
    - If you're having mana issues or you're moving, use SWeath (though be careful on a fight like Baleroc if you're Tormented, or on Chimaeron.. you'll likely kill yourself if you SWeath), and put it into your rotation when the boss is sub 25% health. If your mana can afford if and you're on the move, you can DP spam a bit.
    - Multi dot accordingly, but Mind Sear if perfectly viable to use now for a group of 4+. If you need to use Mind Sear a lot, you might want to use SWeath on CD.
    - Moonwell Chalice - I don't have this trinket but I use something similar: Theralion's Mirror. When you use the on use mastery proc, make sure you refresh your Empowering Shadows, as it will boost your dot damage by a lot. Towards the end of the proc, make sure you have an orb saved up (unless the RNG gods hated you and decided not to give you an orb). MB about ~2 seconds before the proc runs out, so that the super buffed Empowering Shadows has a full duration.
    - And since I haven't mentioned it before, try not to let your Empowering Shadows fall off in general. Otherwise you can use MB on CD.

    Your talents and glyphs seem fine (though instead of a point into Psychic Horror, I put mine into Inner Sanctum as do a lot of Spriests I believe).

    Hope this helps a bit!

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    Alrighty, thanks for the input will have a look at sorting this when I get home from work! Thanks!
    Quote Originally Posted by saxmfone1 View Post
    Step 1: Make this macro

    #show Swipe (Bear)
    /cast Maul
    /cast Swipe (Bear)

    Step 2: Bind this macro to your L and O buttons

    Step 3: Run into any heroic and LOL your way to victory

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