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    Ret Pally DPS in Raids & Dungeons?

    How's Ret Pally DPS in 4.2 ?

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    Middle to bottom of the pack for raids, depending on RNG. In heroics.... your dps depends on if the target will die during your CDs or not. If they don't, your dos will be rather terrible.
    It's not just me, it's ALL rets. Join the ret MS club, get bitches, get money, get nerfed.
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    Below average but not pathetic.

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    I don't play it now, but retri seem to have quite nice aoe those days. ;-)

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    Average but acceptable in my book

    They aren't bad, but not exactly good either in terms of deeps

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    my advice.. go tank/holy/... u will feel 110% better bout paladins then.

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    bottom of the dpscharts, but still not that bad

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    No DPS issues here - any raids i join I'm consistently in the top 3.
    Only issue I have is threat management - it's quite annoying to be at 90+% at all times.
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