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    Mining help, Arcane crystal farming.

    Short n sweet.

    Im unsure if things have changed since the cata but, where is the best place to farm thorium? And there for arcane crystals.

    Farming mats for thunderfury if anyones wondering.

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    I did it in silithus, in less then 4 hours i farmed all the arcane crystals for my TF and enough for my sulfaron hand of ragnaros.

    also a transmute master is nice to have for this

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    I normally farm Thorium in Un'goro Crater, but Silithus is quite good too (loads in the hives).

    I'd check out www.thenoobschool.com for good farming routes

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    If they arent cheap / not on AH, try mining thorium in Un'Goro and prospecting what you dont need.

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    Theres a ton in Winterspring

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    I usually farm Thorium in Un'goro. One big circle = easiest farming path ever.

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    Un'goro. In less then an hour a had way more then I needed.

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    Alright tied between un'goro and silithus. VOTE xD

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    Quote Originally Posted by fiireballz View Post
    Alright tied between un'goro and silithus. VOTE xD
    I got shitloads from ungoro, I sold like 34 in the few levels I spent there, depends on server but no one was mining the nodes, so many rich thorium nodes... yum.

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    I tried ungoro and silithis on my lv 68 alt while farming 240 thorium ores. I found going along the edges of silithius by far the best because there were more high yields and some ungoro nods were difficult and time consuming to reach without a flying mount.

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    Silithus, since everyone first thinks to go to Un'goro.

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    Un'goro got messed up in Cata. The best places are blasted lands and silithus. I like Silithus because I see more rich veins there than I do anywhere else and it's also the least farmed.

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    I think some of the nodes in Silithus are underground though, which is a pain. Id say winterspring. I think a lot of people kind of forget it's there. Either way though, try doing a /who for all 3 places and go where there are less people

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    On an epic flyer, you wont go more than 5 seconds without seeing another node in Ungoro. You wont find better spawns anywhere else.

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    Hands down Silithus has a lot of Thorium (and consequently Arcane Crystals).

    Have a look at the following map:

    The Teal dots are Thorium veins - Black centre = normal vein, White centre = rich vein. Purple dots are Truesilver. Squares are various herbs (Silversausage, Dreamfoil, Sungrass etc.) The triangles are Silithyst deposits.

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    Ye that is the silithis route i used just follow the borders. It got me great results

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