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    I am a 6 year veteran of playing WoW, sometimes spending too much time playing WoW. A serious chunk of my life over the last half a decade has been spent playing this game. I have now let my subscription lapse and do not intend to go back. The main reason, lack of any content worthy of my time. I think, along with many others, the game reached its pinnacle during TBC and has never since been as engrossing or as fun to play or raid. It's not the changing of the game to appeal to casuals or vice versa, it is the lack of inspirational content. There was just no reason to log in anymore when all I was doing was running dailies and the same heroics over and over again..... booooring. Anyone remember the events leading up the release of TBC.... those were the most interesting and fun filled times playing the game.... nothing like a elite giant attacking Stormwind and reaping havoc.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Typhron View Post
    Very kind post, and what explains how a lot of my friends (not me) feel about the game in it's current state. Disappointment after disappointment, and a serious design mythos and flaw here and there, have lead to the game being so...well, it's explained above. Cataclysm of WoW is what's happening, if anything.
    My husband and I are in the same boat. Bored to death of dailies, the new content is horribly boring, dungeons and raids are insanely long wipefests which only serves to frustrate things, and PVP is for the hardcore.

    So...we quit. Clearly Blizzard didn't realize that finally allowing 'bads' to see the endgame meant that we expected to see it again. If you're going to punish people for hopping guild, any guild should be able to at least do the normal modes with minimal complications. Unfortunately, that wasn't that case in 4.0, or 4.1 so we quit. Yeah, I know they nerfed them in 4.2, but I didn't feel like paying money for 3 months of no updates to get there.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jayremy View Post
    I for one liked old frost tanking, and Blood DPS talent trees. I was considering making a DK my main (instead i quit the game) new DKs kind of sucked, Blood was awesome and self healing to be substantially noticeable like it was in WotLK for all classes that had it, especially for PvE.
    I hate a number of the class changes, leveling to 85 sucked.
    I agree with what this post is implying ... the main reason there are less DKs overall is they destroyed the class for a large portion of players. DKs used to be a 'play it how you want to' class. Want to tank? You could in Blood, Unholy, and Frost. You could even dw tank if you wanted. Want to dps? all three trees were viable to a good player.

    I didn't touch my DK for a while because I loved blood dps, and was great at it and was already a blood tank as os. It took me a while to adjust and he was benched for a very long time. I did a lot of trials on the PTR before 4.0 hit, and could see merit in the new unholy and adjusted to doing 2h frost, but, was just not inspired, and the blood tank revamp was an adjustment as well.

    I can assume that a lot of blood dps, frost and unholy tanks were part of the decline of the class. Why play something that they removed the playstyle you loved so much ... just go to another toon that you enjoyed similarly.

    As far as not playing, most of the people I've played with have quit, and I'll not renew my sub when it expires in a few months. To quote BB King 'the thrill is gone' and so has a large portion of the irl and out social draw for me.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gaiwyn View Post
    I ticked "No".

    Unfortunately, the game really isn't for casual players. You simply can't enjoy an MMO with so little time to play, because of the demands. Achievements are great, but they really mean nothing. I enjoyed playing the game for many years - especially when raiding - but it's just got to the point where with so little time to play, if I did play it would be to grind dailies. And that isn't fun at all.

    I love my main and would love to be able to raid and run heroics and enjoy new, fresh and exciting stuff. But the time just isn't available to do so; and in not playing the game for over a month now, I've found that I have been able to start looking into games I've totally missed out on over the last five or six years. It's somewhat refreshing.

    Still, you can't help but feel a connection to the game even after quitting. With so much invested over the years, it truly does seem a shame to just let it all go. Maybe patch 4.3 will bring me back and I will once again find the fun factor that a casual player should still be able to experience.
    Unfortunately is not going to happen , wow atm is for the not even 1% of the gamers.Very few ppl doing heroics mode and only 20 guilds just experience last boss in 2 month. Casuals are perish like a fading horse........

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    Suprised about the chart I must say, seems like DK's are overflowing around every corner on my server ( Sunstrider EU)

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