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    Quote Originally Posted by chadiu View Post
    T5, though I will look odd with my boots, and I won't have a head on because there is NO good looking mail headpiece. I wish we could use leather heads, as the illidan headpiece for rogues looks awesome.
    I've got a mail eyepatch in my bank.

    It's got a little skull on it. Pure win.

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    Tier 6 with Thoridal
    Quote Originally Posted by Leotheras
    what kind of warlock doesnt use the class flying mount?

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    I'm not sure if you guys have mentioned this yet, but in my opinion this is the greatest bow ever made by Blizzard. Drops off of Eredar Twins in Sunwell.
    EDIT: NVM the link worked.

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    My Grand Marshal's Claymore and either T6 or R14 gear, gotta get me a sword though... And a new subscription.
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    t6 shaman all the way

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    T2 with black ice and thoridal

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    Mail blessed set from the pre Wrath invasion, lol at hunters in dresses, and probably thoridal

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    Probably gonna use my T10 + (its probably rarer than thoridal seeing as tribute chests were removed) Thoridal will be farmed like mad after this patch so i reckon it'll lose it's sparkle

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    T2 <3 probably with either the bow from illidan or the the crossbow from chromaggus.

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    onslaught battlegear with a brutal gladiator bonegrinder. Possibly s8 warrior cause the helm is like a baws.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hockeyy View Post
    What?????!!?!?!! In my opinion T11 was one of the worst, while T5 T6 and T12 were the best.
    Gonna have to agree, T11 was awful.
    Quote Originally Posted by Pwntatoes View Post
    I told my friend I was going to McDonalds, but I actually went to Burger King. Kind of rude, but still.
    Quote Originally Posted by synthetikv View Post
    Bring her some ribbon candy and worthers original. Old Bitches love ribbon candy and worthers original.

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    So far only going to use the Blunderbuss of Khaz Modan for my ranged weapon.
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    Any Shaman that doesn't work to get this set doesn't deserve his/her totems:

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    i was thinking

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    s2 for warlock <3 omg i love those shoulders and s3 for Rdruid !!!!!! yeii but can i still buy those somewhere?

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    This Transmogrification thing is awesome. 4 years of collecting everything a hunter can wear will pay off!

    Blue post stated 'You will not be able to transmogrify using a legendary item as either the source or the recipient of a change.' So I won't be able to play with Thuderfury or Thori'dal, but I'll likely use Black Ice for melee wep and... Not sure what for the bow yet. Maybe Black Bow of the Betrayer. Also, t8.5. Yes. My gas mask with studs.
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    Rock out with my Rhok out.
    Also I might use PvP helm look in PvE, both vicious and ruthless helms look awesome.
    Old Gods made me do it.

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    Weapon: Black bow of the Betrayer no questio about it, that thing is so wicked.

    Armor. definately the old ZA pauldrons with the bear head. The original one was so amazing with the blue/grey coloring. Still have it in the bank.

    Also anyone know if there is any hope of us getting 2H axes with Agility again? I would love to use my old Gladiator Axe from BC or Gorehowl.

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