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    Shaman Transmog Thread

    Come 4.3, what outfit will you be running around in?

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    tier 10 all the way

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    Exactly the same I'm using now. Hating that new feature. Or maybe going to transmogrify into white vendor items for lulz.

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    Maybe t10 heroic because I know everyone is going to rock t6/t1/t2

    If they let me use both of the trash fist weapons from hyjal even tho I only have a staff then ill do that with t5
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    I suppose I'll have to go back to Sunwell and re-farm my stuff. I only kept full T6 but threw away the non-set pieces. I loved the way I looked back then...

    Or maybe I won't bother. We'll see.

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    T10, the frost version!
    Don't know any good weapons, but guess I have to look around abit.

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    I'm going to be rocking T12 for a long time to come.

    I still have all my T7, T8 and T10 stuff (that you can see, at least), so I might try out other looks for kicks.
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    T6 skyshatter all the way, just wish i had held onto my vengfull set. Liked the coloring of that one more than the blue.

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    Assuming I'll still play when 4.3 releases, t7 shaman most likely, or possibly tier 1/2 shaman.

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    Prolly t5. Ilovedthe way that gear lookedand with the fist off of that bird in eye ... idk but ithink that would lookchill

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    T5 or T6, cant decide which one looks the most bad-ass on an orc female =)

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    I actually like the T12-look so I think I'll keep it.
    Or maybe the Midsummer Set, if that'll be possible.

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    T10 myself - didn't really like the others that much.

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    Tier 8 baby.

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    IF i would EVER change it (wich i doubt i'm going to since i wanna show off my achievments by raiding!) i would change it to t10 imo, but prolly 12 in 4.3, unless it looks like crap

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    Tier 2, it's still my favourite set. Though I don't have the complete set, I guess I'll have to farm BWL for a bit in case we'll need the gear.

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    my RP set is mostly t5 gear, so probably that

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    Gah, so many choices. If I had to guess right this minute, I'd probably say T2, but seeing as how there are quite a few good-looking shaman tiers, could cause me to reconsider. T6 is a strong contender, so are T8 and T10.

    Assuming transmogrification costs gold (which it probably will), I'm probably going to spend a lot while I make up my mind. :P

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    Going to go for the 264 T10 (ie. frosty T10), I even have all the pieces in my bank from when we farmed the living daylights out of ICC 10 HC <3

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    Prob Ulduar Mail Caster 10Man, Nature style T8.

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