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    I went the other way with it.

    That doesnt match very well.. the chosen set is to awesome to match it with that cheap shadowlands set.

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    Well, after trying for almost a year, the chest finally dropped off a bonus roll. I wanted something bulky and ridiculous.

    Head: Wild Gladiator's Scaled Helm (warlords season 2)
    Shoulders: Shoulderplates of Crackling Flame (mythic Goroth)
    Cloak: Gong-Lu, Strength of Xuen (Mists of Pandaria Legendary Cape)
    Chest: Gleaming Val'kyr Cuirass (mythic Odyn)
    Hands: Reinforced Hound-Handler's Gauntlets (Mythic Guarm)
    Waist: Demonsteel Waistguard (Legion Crafting)
    Legs: Legplates of the Highlord (Mythic Gul'dan)
    Feet: Steadfast Purifier's Warboots (Mythic Maiden of Vigilance)
    Weapon: Seventh Legionnaire's Claymore
    Illusion: Power Torrent
    You succeeded it making something rediculous alright

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    This is the armor I'd like to go for when the new PVP Season starts (the PVP shoulders being replaced by Tier 11 Heroic pally shoulders):

    I like the mixture of white and gold, and purple gems for coloration. I do wish I could find a suitable weapon, though. :l
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    Well, it's a bit more pinky but....
    maybe Claymore-of-the-prophet ? [can't post links yet...]

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    The Rank 6 legendary cloak looks pretty good with the Furious Gladiator set (sans that awful helmet!).

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    If you're quiting send me your gold.
    For The AllianceFor The Horde

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    I'm so bored with transmog these days that I'm just wearing the pieces as they are, the ol' TBC clown suit.

    That said, grats to anyone who got the Elite Warmongering Gladiator's Decapitator back in WoD. It's perfect with the Mythic Ny'alotha set.

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    The Void Edge illusion dropped for me today from Valeera's chest in the Horrific Vision of Stormwind.

    It looks great on weapons that have particle effects like Scythe of the Unmaker, Taeschalach, The Black Hand, and the Uldir swords (among others). On most weapons, however, it just turns them a solid blue color which is rather bland. There are also several weapons with effects that it cannot be used on, such as , and obviously Legion artifacts.

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    Still haven't found a weapon for this set that I really like yet. I swapped to the other WoD sword that's like this one and changed hair color and it looks better but it still feels like something's missing...hm.

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