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    Dropped MH on my 3rd run at all.

    Yesterday dropped another MH on my 23rd run.

    Illidan is trolling me -.-

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    Got Main Hand on my second run and Off Hand on my forth, saw another Off Hand drop on my fifth run

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    Just a tip for those saying too bad you ant use them for transmog (you wouldnt be able to use OH any way as there is no more fast swords)


    Shard of Azzinoth is a one handed dagger- which means you can skin on MH and OH
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    It might concern all of those looking forward to obtaining your glaives so I'll contribute.

    Both Warglaives can drop on the same kill.

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    i hate you all

    rogue needed mainhand for years.. 7 offhands droped..
    first time BT with my new main DK for achivement mainhand droped...
    since that 4 mainhands droped but not offhand.. @ 28 runs ++

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    Drop on them is like 13% I believe. I wouldn't be the lucky one to know, but I dont think you can get both at the same time? Someone please check that...but anyway, I find that the Bulwark is rarer than Glaives. My warrior got MH glaive 8th run, OH glaive 10th run, but never seen a Bulwark. Tomarrow night will be kill 19.
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    As I previously posted, they can both drop on the same kill, got it confirmed yesterday by a GM ( he just asked if I needed something more ).

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    Man. My guild downed illidan for probably close to 35 weeks straight in TBC and we never once saw a glaive drop. Yet people are claiming to have seen multiple in less runs than that. Screw you guys.

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    So far I've seen the MH and OH drop on separate occassions. Too bad Enhancement Shamans can't use them :P

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    Saw one drop three weeks in a row, oh-mh-oh. I got one of the offhands and the warrior i run it with has both...and he hasnt even equipped them yet ((( makes me so sad i would be running around with them all the time

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    You just got lucky, i have 23 Illidan kills and i have never seen a Warglaive drop, 17 Kil'Jaeden kills never seen the bow, 33 Molten Core Rag kills just have the left Binding of the Windseeker and i have never seen Eye of Sulfuras, its all about luck, BTW ive been farming Karazhan every week for sometime i have killed Prince Malchezaar 14 times and i have never seen Gorehowl and is not even a legendary...

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    I got my Mh on my 8th kill, Ive now seen 5 mhs since then and im now on #42 still no offhand FFS.

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    lucky one; i've never seen one of this gleeves dropping. not during progress not nowadays when farming bt

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    I find it a bit funny that some people here QQ about how they haven't got their glaves in 20 runs ..Im on my 47th(!) run and still no off hand while have seen 2 main hands.
    So,who was complaining again about no luck in 20 runs?

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    Obtained mainhand on the first try on my 70 rogue, now to sacrifice some d20s to the RNG gods and get my offhand

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    dropped the OH yesterday, sadly i'm not one of the classes (hunter) so i didn't get the achieve for the set

    hunters can't use agility swords while DKs have been added in wotlk even if Warglaives were old weapons ... u kiddin' me, Blizz?
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    29 runs no offhand yet.

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    I find it amusing how so many people are saying they have seen the Main-hand more often than the Off-hand. My guild runs it every week trying to get my warrior his set, and I have only ever seen the Off-hand drop. A couple of my guildies also have the Off-hand, but noone has the main. Anyone know which one actually has the higher drop rate?

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    twink 70 off 16, main 25, eu name iríhc
    main 85 off 18 (3 off more), main 49, eu name chiri

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    update still dont have offhand /sigh

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