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    Unhappy Milling/ Prospecting, Macros/Addons & Herbs/Ores in Bags?!

    I have both Inscription and Jewelcrafting, so i use this macro to mill herbes/prospect ores:

    random example:

    /cast Milling
    /use Peacebloom
    /use Cinderbloom

    However, this macro often fails if i have uneven (not in groups of 5, 10,15 or 20) herbs or ores.
    It also fails if i happen to have only a few of the milled herb left (less than 5) which is again amazingly annoying to sort out manually.

    SO i am asking the fellow community - is there a macro that can work no matter how herbs or ores are placed in bags?
    OR is there an addon that can sort all the herbs/ores into big 20 piece stacks (or 15,10,5) so that i do not have this annoying problem anymore?

    Please help

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    Get an addon like "mrplow" that will auto stack everything up for you, then just spam the macro you currently use.

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    Thank you a lot!
    Are there any more addons that function like that one?

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    I use this addon for milling / prospecting / disenchanting:

    However I believe it also has the same issue you described with uneven stacks.

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    it's an issue with the /use itemname command. when it does this, it searches through every one of your bags starting with your main bag and beyond, from top left to bottom right. when it encounters an item with that name, it tries to use it no matter what. if that fails, it doesn't continue. so the easiest solution is to first merge any incomplete stacks, and then move the only stack with no multiple of 5 to the absolute last spot in your leftmost bag on your bag bar. note that any bag sorting addon does this automatically.

    this problem is the case with any macro or addon that requires an item in the inventory.
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    i use combuctor as a One Bag solution... dragging the uneven stack to the bottom of the trade or normal bag sorts this out for me..

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    I like Enchantrix, bundled with the Auctioneer Advanced Suite. It can pop up a box as soon you have 5 of an ore/flower in your bags or a green to DE and ask you if you want to prospect/mill/DE it.

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