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    My gal has a demonic angel on her back, its hot as fuck!

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    My lady and I both have a few thousand dollars of ink on us. We both like it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Baiyn View Post
    Super-cute and talented, Canadian singer-songwriter, 'Lights' has a tattoo of Twinblade of the Phoenix down her arm.


    Just awesome.

    There's something incredibly appealing to me about tattooed women. I'd never get one myself, though...

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    Major turn off for me. One tastefully done tattoo in a modest place wouldn't be a deal breaker. Much more than that, and it's a red flag.

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    I don't really like tattoos much. If a girl has a little tattoo and isn't that noticeable then I don't care. I really don't like to see sleeves and pretty much covered in tattoos though.

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    this is so stupid why do you care what other people like are you going to base your girlfriend decision on what the poll says?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Punks View Post
    Yup you got it right. They would stare at his chest, just like they prob. stare at your tramp stamp.
    right, so because you are all pigs and can't keep your eyes focussed, I'm a tramp.
    Quote Originally Posted by Siggma View Post
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    Quote Originally Posted by Arcanephilosophy View Post
    bullshit.. if I wanted you to start at my ass, I would get a tattoo on my ass. I am NOT a skank because you can't help drifting your sight down to my ass... the tattoo is on the lower back.

    So I guess if you get a tattoo on your arm.. its basically begging people to stare at your chest.. I mean your arm DOES connect to your chest.
    Er, problem with that, unless you walk around with assless chaps they wouldn't even be able to see the tat, lower back is the closest you can get clothed to being near your bum.

    Also, that example makes no sense.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Arcanephilosophy View Post
    I really wish we could, as a society, get away from the term "tramp stamp" I have a tattoo in that location. The first person who calls me a tramp IRL simply based on art location, is getting a 2 foot flying dropkick to the teeth. And I might even cut them a little bit afterwards. Depends on mah mood :P
    Tattoos are made to be looked at. Either by you or by someone else. If you get it in a place which severely restricts the viewing to a select few positions and people, it would trigger questioning. Can't escape it. There's a reason for that term you know. Now I'm all for not generalizing in a stupid manner but you get my point.

    Edit: Also, we can focus on stuff, but it's about stuff that has the highest priority at the moment. I wish I could say that when I meet a girl I'm mostly interested in how she thinks or how smart she is. Of course that is also very important but not I don't know her or in the first minute of interaction.
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    i put other, because it all depends on the person and i rather like both.

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    Yea Fuzzie is right, your 2 sample pictures are a little extreme. You went with almost polar opposites with the pictures. You could have added more pictures of different types.

    But for the topic, as long as they aren't just hideous tattoos I don't mind girls with tattoos.

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    Quote Originally Posted by reve View Post
    Nope, people with tattoos are generally... Ah you know what, I don't want to be mean atm.

    Let's just say no.
    There's nothing wrong if a person decides to get tattoos, or not. I have 2 large pieces of work on my legs, and a number "13" in Mayan on my arm.

    My leg pieces are in my eyes just nice pieces of art work, one is a japanese koi fish, that i decided to get on my 18th birthday. I had made my decision to get it, 6 months before the scheduled appointment.

    I got the 13 with my parents, on friday the 13th. So it means a bit more than just a number to me.

    And the Spiral Galaxy on my leg (my avatar) is currently a work in progress - IE I got laid off, and have not been having any luck getting a new job. Tattoos =/= Trashy. There is a such thing as tastefullness when it comes to tattoos.
    The world is a deaf machine.

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    Yes I love tattoos.
    But not all girls can pull it off.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Arcanephilosophy View Post
    right, so because you are all pigs and can't keep your eyes focussed, I'm a tramp.
    To be fair they never denied being pigs.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Simonzi View Post
    I voted "No". I don't mind a small one or a few small ones, but covered? Tacky. A tattoo is something that I think everyone should get as a life experience though. Myself, I have 3, they're all small, and none are visible if I'm clothed.
    Some cultures throughout history thought an unadorned human body was ugly.

    Why is someone "covered" in tattoos tacky? Some very large tattoos can be very beautiful works of art.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Focke View Post
    I have found that sleeves on chicks is incredibly hot.
    This. They surely are.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Digglett View Post
    Anything but a tramp stamp, those are lolworthy. (My friend's sister has a 'Daddy's Girl' tramp stamp....)
    I agree, but it also depends on the tattoo.

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    1 or 2 yeah as long as they aren't big more than that looks shitty imo, a girl with a lot of tatoos is generally what you think someone that lacks foresight or class.

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    woooohoooo !

    gotta love tatoos ...
    well ... but not every tatoo looks good, so you gotta differenciate there.
    but in general: i love tatoos

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    Quote Originally Posted by Arcanephilosophy View Post
    right, so because you are all pigs and can't keep your eyes focussed, I'm a tramp.
    you don't seem to get it, I think its a personal thing with you, but

    People are not calling YOU a tramp, just your tat. If you get butthurt over it, than well .........
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