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    Majordomo HC

    I was wondering what the 10-100% damage/healing increase on Majordomo does for a Shadow Priest with Vampiric Embrace?

    Does it double dip with the buff by healing everyone for 3% of my damage (which will be increased), and then increasing that amount by the Healing buff too?

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    Although i have not checked the logs about it i'm almost sure that the answer is yes.

    VE is related to your shadow damage regardless of the modifiers, it's just a flat percentage on your total DPS from shadow spells.

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    I think it does atleast it does for smite our disc healed for over 100k each pretty awsome for this fight ^^

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    Quote Originally Posted by Solia View Post
    Reminds me of when VE used to be able crit...
    Vanilla that is?

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