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    Quote Originally Posted by Scratches View Post
    To be fair, if you're going back that far to say that tanks did, at one point in time, have a legendary weapon, then, likewise, so have Enhancement Shaman and Feral Druids -- it's called Sulfuras.
    Sulferas was not a feral legendary. They did not benefit from the proc or the weapon dps back then. Thus it was not designed for feral Druids. If you count that as a legendary for ferals then ulduar mace was a rogue legendary.
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    The link has been removed under blizzard's command. All of this complaining, is just disgraceful. I feel sorry for blizzard, because damn you QQ-ers are just damned annoying! I play a rogue, i'm excited that we're actually being noticed in blizzards eyes. At the start of this expansion, we were NOTHING. Possibly the least played class in the game. WE STILL ARE! Rogues are also a vital part of a raid, bringing many benefits with them. Maybe this "dagger" will allow them to do even more for the others, and they can just wait their lazy asses of for their own legendary! In the meanwhile, shut your damn mouths and suck it up. This may yet be fake, it may not be. For those of you that claim "there are no more PvE rogues", you just read ones post.

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    Here's hoping the "exciting" quest chain that goes with the rogue legendary is actually roguey in style. If it is a magical adventure with no sneaking around being a ROGUE, I will be pissed.

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    This better be a god damn lie.Ferals and Enhance have yet to receive one Legendary. And this is a Rogues, what, 4th Legendary? And they're a very underplayed class in general.I call BS. I will be very angry if this is true.

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    Lol now i think i have a reason to come back and play this game (My main is a rogue). FML! Lol j/k i was taking a WoW break, but i guess i will most definately be back b4 4.3 now xD

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    Quote Originally Posted by lunchbox2042 View Post
    A dagger just sounds so not legendary. It just seems like a waste of an item.
    A legendary that is only good for a single class and only 2 specs of that class? Really?! I can honestly say that if there is not some point in which you can decide if you want the dagger to be Int or Agi I will be highly disappointed by this revelation. Its all good, Rogues haven't had access to a legendary since... oh wait they had access to a legendary bow and 2 legendary swords in TBC and then there is Thunderfury. How about doing something for the other classes. A legendary Shield would have at least covered two classes and not just one. A legendary polearm could have hit up Druids, Hunters and possibly Warriors/Paladins if they did it correctly. Yet they choose a dagger that is only worth anything to 2 specs... just doesnt make sense. I will say that the Staff was a less than stellar in implementation but no one can argue the fact that it had a decent class spread. Looking back on the other legendaries at least 2 classes could legitimately use them. This is just plain old disappointment on all fronts from this interview.

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    "Rogues will get a legendary dagger and exciting quest line to go with it. The lore for the dagger has not been decided upon yet."

    haha i love it, lore is barely an afterthought now

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    A lot of parts in that "interview" don't sit right. Blizzard claims they want 4.3 out by the end of the year, yet according to this they don't even know the name, let alone the lore of the supposed legendary dagger (enough people have already commented on the single class/spec legendary)? If 4.3 does indeed come out before the end of the year it's going to be out on the PTR "soon" which means that, bugs and balance withstanding, it's done. Also some of the language doesn't sound right "4.3 is not currently out of PTR (Public Test Realm)." Out of PTR? What does that even mean. It sounds like something someone with not the greatest grasp on English might wright down, not something the lead producer of WoW would say.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Muckey View Post
    And I just rerolled to my Priest, from my... wait for it.... MUTILATE ROGUE! Fuck My Life.
    So, your life's most important thing is whether you have a theoretical chance to get an item with it's name written in orange instead of purple and that you get it in this particular patch? Don't you think you are overreacting just a tiny bit?

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    I could be Wrong but, Total number of Legendaries for Feral Druids is at 0 so why the heck would they make a legendary for 1 class that has had several through the years over a class that has never had 1. Guess they want to get the number of rogues up or something. Things will balance out when there a few more rogues from this and a heck of a lot less of the other classes.

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    With regards to another raid difficulty, it makes sense to have it with the inclusion of an LFRaid tool. Throwing a random 25m raid comp together without having at least a slightly lowered difficulty is asking for trouble with all the complaints about class balance and ranged-melee ratios that are always popping up.

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    so much for their not making legendary for 1 class ...

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    Quote Originally Posted by nannuq View Post
    I could be Wrong but, Total number of Legendaries for Feral Druids is at 0 so why the heck would they make a legendary for 1 class that has had several through the years over a class that has never had 1.
    Druids have had Atiesh, Val'anyr and Dragonwrath, thats 3 legendaries your class has had.

    Feral Druid is not a CLASS, it's a SPEC. Druids have had 2 legendaries in the last 2 expansions.

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    *sad kitten* No legendary in sight for feral.

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    Seems like we're getting Pandas next year!

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    Mists of Pandaria confirmed for Xpac 4?
    Vanilla WoW was a diamond in the rough. Burning Crusade cleared the rough away and polished that diamond up. During Lich King, that diamond cracked from being over polished and in Cataclysm that diamond was replaced with a cubic zirconia.

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    A dagger for rogues exclusively is bad design. With how poorly melee is performing in raids damage wise, what makes Blizzard think that people are going to instantly reroll to a sub par class just for a legendary? Why not make it a multipurpose item like a sword so that enhance can use it?

    Congrats to the 11 fools who made the ignore list, your ignorance knows no bounds, bravo!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Arcrin View Post
    so devs is playing mage / rogue / shaman combosounds familiar
    Shaman? >.>

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    I love how they say a legendary shield just wouldn't go over well because of the limited classes available to it. but hey lets make a legendary for a single class that can only use it in 2 specs. So first there's a staff, then there's a dagger, what about the rest of the world?

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    And how much time should we need to wait to get the nerfed version of it + the nerfed version of "normal 25" to be included on LFR?

    And another legendary for rogues... i mean, 2 specs of rogues... lol and here I was, expecting that they would do something diferent now, like a one-hander that could switch between tanking and dps...

    An entire week full of lols thanks to Blizzard.

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