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    Divine Aegis bug?

    The tooltip of Divine Aegis reads: "Critical heals and all heals from Prayer of Healing create a protective shield on the target, absorbing 30% of the amount healed."

    However, when I get a critical heal or heal with PoH, my DA gives a much bigger shield. A greater heal crit of 54142 gave a 22079 DA shield, while 30% of 54142 = 16243. I made sure I had no previous DA left when that happened.

    Is this a bug or did it get buffed lately? Or am I missing something else here?

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    Your mastery increases the amount your Divine Aegis applies.
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    Mastery: Shield Discipline
    On the other hand, things like this seem to be way Blizzard fixes things, without causing QQ about them, tooltips are pretty much useless in game now. (See --> Holy Word: Sanctuary target diminishing and many others...)
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    Exactly that, its your mastery buff. If you want to verify this, you got a 35% buff to the shield from mastery, meaning your character sheet should show 14 points of master (8 base + gear) or 1075 rating from gear.

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    Not only that, but a PoH crit applies a double aegis. One for being a crit, one for being a PoH.


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    D'oh. I knew it was something obvious I forgot. Thanks for the answers.

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