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    This is from a prot pally POV.

    For our setup, we go down to 2 healer on this fight seeing as you are at full mana every third phase. We also use a Pala/war Tank combo, with that said we have also done this with a Pala/DK combo. Seeing as our DK tank is acctually a DPS that fills in for missing tanks.

    Very intensive fight for Tanks, with a lot of responsibility. Before looking at the tanks, you mentioned interupts on the druids. Make sure you have a raid setup that allows a full interupt cicle. If it's your first downing, it will help out a lot if the already weakned tank isnt taking pyros from the druid.

    Tips for the tank: First of all, remember to feed the bird as soon as his "happy face" buff goes to sad face. While in the sad face debuff the bird can go into tantrum any second and easily kill a non prepared tank. Second, remind the tank that he cannot be standing anywhere in the middle of the map. If the boss comes down with the cleave run on a non topped of tank, he will have a high chance of death. Third, when trying to feed the bird a worm, during to time can you be hit by the worms fire. IT hits way to fast and way to hard and will result in a tank death. Fourth after the (im pretty sure its the) second wave of worms. The Tank WILL (unless he gets very lucky) have to eat a tantrum. Save a CD for it, but remember that you also need a decent defensive cooldown for the fourth phase when tanking the boss. Tell your tank to stand his ground and eat that tantrum. The worms usually spawn while the bird is enraged but you will hardly have time to do something about it before the tantrum wears off.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tanija View Post
    Thank you everyone, we have gotten some really good advice, both healing wise and tanking wise, Ill be sure to put it to good use.

    Thank you! This is something I sure can relate to. Ill reverse my reforging and will take a closer look.

    Unfortunately we do not have a stable Rogue raider We are only 10 Raiders in the Guild, we have struggled for a very long time to find more, but without success. We have begun to run with 1-2 PuGs, like we did on our last Raid. With our entire Team online, we are the following Classes:

    Discipline Priest
    Holy Paladin
    Restoration Shaman

    Shadow Priest
    Marksmanship Hunter
    Balance Druid
    Frost Death Knight
    Arcane Mage

    Protection Paladin
    Blood Death Knight
    Ahh yeah, thats a tough group for interrupts. Your Frost DK and Marks hunter can handle one side, and have your Boomkin Arcane mage, and your Shaman interrupting the other side. (Your shaman should be able to get every interrupt.) Send the shadow priest up.

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    With 2 healers 2 tanks and 6 dps you should split it 2 dps either side, if interrupts dont always get done its still doable as long as you can manage the dps to kill the casters before they get 3 blasts off. The important thing we found with this setup is to send 2 casters into the air - shadow priest and fire mage are perfect for this, the mage will generate anywhere from 27-70k dps at full buff lower geared and can break that with the heroic items soon to come. The shadow priest wont be too far behind and with this tactic you will kill the boss within 2 ground phases if not 1 when geared.

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