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    Mine was a Night Elf hunter. Me and my dad was visiting someone, and when we got there the guy whom we were visiting were playing wow. I was veeery facinated and asked him loads, then he let me make a char on that account to try out.
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    A human priest about a week after the game was launched. leveling him was hell but i got him to 60 and then in BC i got him to 70. Back then i used to be more HC raider than i am today. Alas i deleted it after our guild cleared Sunwell and none of our team could get any upgrades from it so i quit the game. Came back about six months after wrath was released with a tauren warrior

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    First char was a nelf rogue, on a friends account. It doesn't exist any more.

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    troll mage back to the days of vanilla; my very first char.

    now playing a warlock since 1 week before the release of BC

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    Created a troll shaman january '06, my first character and still my main to this very day

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    Human warlock.

    Leveled it to 30 or so, rerolled. About half a year later started playing it again, leveled to 60 and did some PvP on it back in classic. As of TBC I've used it only as bank alt.

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    Gnome mage at EU release. Still my main today.
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    Some Orc Warrior in early 2006.
    Even wrote the name down on a paper, so I wouldn't forget it.
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    Human Warlock. Thought the game was shitty but my roomate got me to try it with him. He ended up quitting at level 13 but I kept playing.. Stupid me..

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    Warlock, leveled it to about 34 but i got annoyed from mana and things dying so slowly, rerolling rogue never looking bare to lock :P

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    Mu current main has been my main for every expansion so far. A few name changes and one race change has been made though

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    Dwarf hunter in vanilla

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    A tauren warrior in the beta, got to level 15 or so.
    When the retail version hit I started an orc warlock that got replaced by a forsaken warlock a couple of days later.

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    Tauren warrior on a trial back in Vanilla...
    Then when I got the whole game, a Tauren warrior to 25, then Troll mage to 70
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    Back when i played on a priv server called "meahwow" some friends did trick me into start playing. Rolled a rogue with the name Rogzer... awesome name i know.

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    Male nelf hunter called icehunter, got him to 63 before getting banned at the start of tbc. :<

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    A dwarf Hunter because of the Intro Trailer when you started WoW, he's still my Main Char since I play WoW(I play since BC) and always the only one on the Max. Level.

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    My first char was a Night Elf Hunter. Leveled to about 25 (Vanilla times). Took me like 2-3 days played just to 25 (lol). Didnt have addons for quests etc, didnt know they existed at all. Then I switched and started playing Warlock and that was my main until WotLK where I changed to DK.

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    I started about 3 months after launch with a Night Elf Druid.

    HE is still my main, but now is Tauren.

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    My very very first toon was a Human Mage, with the name of Hwaldar in late BC....good times.

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