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    cant wait for swotor

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    Curious. Ghostcrawler talks about how player participation is typically low during summer, but the known 1 million player loss happened before (550k over Q1, 450k over Q2 2011). So, does this means WoW hemorrhaged even more during july?

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    Yea im totally one of those that this patch will effect alot....I try to play when I can but with work i just dont have a consistant playing time so therefore raiding has now passed me up. I liked in LK how they had GDKPs but that's a thing of the past now. So LF Raid that mode is definitely keeping me into the not about being hardcore anymore or being elite geared and so forth.....just wanna see raid content besides heroic dungeons to mix it up a bit.

    Now if they added something new for Tol Barad life would be perfect!

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    "Melee classes will be getting a buff that is only active in the new raid to help them compete with ranged classes." eh wtf blizz? melee classes do fine already?

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    Quote Originally Posted by psyxe View Post
    Let's see now...
    here's a list of legendary items that were designed for use by certain classes at that period of current content, There will be some QQ about paladins and thunderfury but it was normal to see paladins running around with brutality blade... they DID have a spec for it, even if it wasn't great, Hunters were also on the list for thunderfury but only as a stat stick... we didn't have the spec or any real reason to hold it..

    Paladin - Hammer of Rag, Thunderfury, Val'anyr, Shadowmourne
    Death Knight - Shadowmourne (they can get past ones, but they're only an expansion old... saying they deserve another one already would be silly)
    Mage - Atiesh, Dragonwrath
    Warlock - Atiesh, Dragonwrath
    Druid - Atiesh, Dragonwrath, Hammer of Rag, Val'anyr
    Shaman - Hammer of Rag, Val'anyr, Dragonwrath
    Warriors - Hammer of Rag, Thunderfury, 2x Warblades, Shadowmourne, Thori'dal
    Rogue - Thunderfury, 2x Warglaives, Thori'dal (Yes, it was very common to see a rogue or warrior with it, as it was a rare drop and hunters weren't always brought in)
    Hunter - Thori'dal, Thunderfury (as above, only because we were on the list to be able to equip it)

    Hunters had a bow that was a rare drop, off a boss unkillable by 90% of raiders at the time, with an ability to generate it's own ammo, which was amazing until that whole 'feature' was removed a few pathes later

    Rogues have had access to legendaries that made them gods, feared by fellow raiders or enemies in a bg, and yes, Warglaives were a rare drop, but you can't really put much of a quest line to them... they were held by illidan and dropped by illidan, they had enough lore behind them as well... Thori'dal was just a spur of the moment item to keep people happy in a last ditch effort raid to keep people playing before an expansion

    also to feral druids, YES, poor you... you don't have a legendary for your specific spec... you play a class that can do all 4 roles effectively, and have 4 legendaries DESIGNED for your class, You had the option to hit the respec button and be useful, you could even use your cat gear in bear or healing gear as a boomkin until you fixed bits and pieces of gear, Hunters have 3 ranged DPS specs.. rerolling an entire class isn't as easy as that

    and watch all of the children here argue "OMG EVERYTHING HUNTARD ITEM"... that was a joke... a meme...

    It's bad enough hunters are still not at the top of the needs list for a fight that requires some special element like an interrupt... or fights that require stacking (you seem to have fixed the hit box on some fights, at the cost of my pet running off into lava or standing there doing nothing.

    VeryJelly hunter
    well feral is a spec, that had a staff from naxx 40, sub and assa had nothing, as for counts druid had 4 legendaries 2 in since wotlk, rogues havnt had anything since tbc and only had 3(warglaives was a set, alone they where nothing more than epic, tho as a rogue i would liked if the quest would reward players with wep sets not just daggers but some axes for enhance aswell, and daggers for combat to use ss, ss will prob just become either like a mut or hemo attack. also would be nice to give hunters something since they are in the same category as rogues when it comes to waiting, something tells me that tanks get the next, then a hunter one as feral will get their with the tanks, and they will be the only one who has a tank legendarie and a dps at the same time, but thats druids for you, all in 1.

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    Not impressed with the rogue dagger at all, i am a tank and this just makes me wanta.. wanta. FUCK YOU BLIZZ! /cry

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    Quote Originally Posted by hornfreak View Post
    worst of the worst hmm i did a tour in afganistan and iraq what did you do i think i can type what i want
    i think the new heroic 5 mans sound cool i wish there were more bosses in the raid but if the deathwing encounter is as good as im hopeing
    it will be ill be happy
    Vietnam/Korea were worse but LULYOU'REXC

    anyways. lookin forward to new heroics..cot shit which a lotta people been wantin for awhile, dw raid prob gonna be at least good, maybe as they claim, "epic"

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    Q: "do you think wow is dead?"

    A: "ofc, we made cataclysm so all the good players would leave, now all that is left is to make the game so easy even animals can play it, and then we just send the bill to the owner, we like money, just ask Bobby Kotick."

    I heard about the new storage system, I lol'd and then I was like.. oh wait, that's not even bad compared to faction transfer and other pathetic attempts by blizz to milk their game just a tiny wee bit before it dies off completely, hopefully sooner than later.

    I miss WoW, it's not what it used to be, aka good.

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    One class legendary is such a bad idea. For example : In our guild we have just got third staff, it's cool since we have a lot of people who can use it so i believe that we are going to clear firelands even in 4.3 to get thse staves. How about legendary daggers? We have 2 rogues in guild, and it's enough cause we don't need more. Ok. both of them get legendaries, what do do with third set? I'm rly disappointed since it's first only-one-class legendary since they introduced legendaries-quests instead of random-drop-legendaries. It's long time to 4.3 so I hope they won't do such a stupid move and maybe make this shiny daggers viable for more classes in ANY WAY. I know that after healers, plate dps and caster dps it's agi-users turn. But how about ferals, enhancement, hunters? Look in the future : which legendary weapon would be next in 5.X It can't be agi weapon since rogues have just had their daggers . So it means that ferals and enhancement have to wait another 3 years for MAYBE their turn ?

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    I'm done with alts, wish the Northrend nerf came earlier. Hate that place.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ukerric View Post
    Curious. Ghostcrawler talks about how player participation is typically low during summer, but the known 1 million player loss happened before (550k over Q1, 450k over Q2 2011). So, does this means WoW hemorrhaged even more during july?
    I don't think that this is generally a good comment for them. And it prob explains the knee jerk reaction to nerf instances without actually thinking about it.
    Once we gathered friends together, drank a ton of Mountain Dew and beer, and role played with paper, pencils, and books.
    Now I log onto MMOs with the same people and we only talk about how hard we PWNed that: Noob, boss, etc.
    I hate modern gaming....

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    People saying rogues got the most legendaries so far.. Do you really count a bow as a rogue's weapon? They could wield it, yes, but no serious raid gave it to a rogue unless there was no hunter present and it didn't increase a rogues DPS nearly as much as it did for a hunter. So what?Warriors got the most legendaries: mace (Rag/MC), 1h sword (MC), 2x1h sword (Ili), 2h axe (ICC), which could all be used for good. So why give them another one? I'm sorry for feral / pala / dk tanks though..

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    The new legendaries are two daggers (main hand and offhand) that are only usable by all three Rogue specs. Combat Rogues will be made to use these daggers as well without a DPS loss. The questline will revolve around the pure black dragon (from the egg in the Badlands) and features several Rogue-centric elements

    THATS SO KOOL! rouges get 2 legendarys at onetime!!! thats just sooo koool!
    Salam aleikum

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    One class legendary wouldn't be such a bad idea if the class wasn't a rogue, those poors ferals and enchantments should have get their first (yes, FIRST, if you can't realize it then you either haven't played long enough or you are just a rogue.) legendary.
    A tanking weapon would have been nice aswell. I know Blizzard already excluded it, but meh, better than this pathetic decision.

    And mine is a neutral PoV, since I own and play any level 85 class, but warlocks.

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    Oh great we are back to World of Meleecraft because some people playing those classes were unable to move and press the hotkeys at the same time, and thus deserve a buff.
    Last edited by Difuid; 2011-09-19 at 10:19 AM.

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    Do you guys think that the gems will only come from the raid or also from Prospecting Pyrium ?

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    I really hope LFR works out!
    Does not compute!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Chri478n View Post
    "Melee classes will be getting a buff that is only active in the new raid to help them compete with ranged classes." eh wtf blizz? melee classes do fine already?
    Total guess here but it may be because the fight has a lot of flight involved where ranged can burn him down but melee can't do anything. So they want melee to be able to pump out more damage when they get him grounded.

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    What a load of horse shit. Nothing more to add really, I think it's been discussed enough.

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    Quote Originally Posted by coranial View Post
    Ouch! was looking forward to coming back to WoW and trying the new looking for raid but this put me right off.
    No you where not, your just trolling like so many others. You don't like the game? Why sit around bickering about any detail?

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