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    Quote Originally Posted by Desminn View Post

    my guild usually 2 healed shannox alysrazor and baleroc. im saying 2 heal the others so we can burn em faster...why would i mean 3 heal?
    He's just saying you could 3 heal all the fights now without worrying about enrage mechanics or anything

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    Quote Originally Posted by Brosterr View Post
    [...] the nerfs make the two healers jobs easier allowing for a third [...]
    Someone didn't drink his cup of logic this morning!
    I'm in the "I don't have an obnoxiously large signature" club.

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    Any guild successfully raiding T12 last week will certainly 2heal the entire thing. It'll go super fast. Raiding newbies will stick with 3.

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    Quote Originally Posted by piripixy View Post
    This is too much in my opinion.I was hoping for an ICC-style nerf.
    I would have been fine with an ICC like approach, if they had started bumping it up slowly like they did for ICC. At this point I think they needed to do some catchup and this will make for some interesting "new" raiding.

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    Holy crap! If my run doesn't get 7/7 this week, I'm gonna be mad as hell.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Blada View Post
    He's just saying you could 3 heal all the fights now without worrying about enrage mechanics or anything
    You always could 3heal fights without worrying about enrage mechanics, save perhaps for Baleroc and Ragnaros hc.

    These nerfs, on heroic, are unnecessary and uncalled for. I don't necessarily mind all non-Rag boss nerfs, just makes farm faster for us. But the Rag hc one, was not only pointless (adds already really don't hit for that much anyway, after the other nerf they implemented), but also a knee below the belts of raiders who're working on Rag and really aren't waiting for a nerf.

    And anyone on heroic who IS waiting for a nerf really needs to reconsider their setup and players. Really. It's not hard, and nobody should be in heroic if you hit any sort of wall for so long. If you do, your issues go way beyond boss' HP.

    Blizzard clearly disagrees and believes any form of challenge should be killed as fast as we usually steamroll through heroic bosses on a weekday.

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    Hur dur dur Blizz why you maek content easy nao scrubs get gears QQ

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    "Alysrazor’s Fiery Tornados move slower. "Ohs Nos! That's why I keep dying in the first place, I keep getting the speed buff while chasing a tornado and I eventually run right into it!, not really....OK maybe once...fine twice.

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    me like! my raid progresses slow and just got some whipes of raggi normal... so i am glad i don't have to wipe for an eternity which will also give me the staff faster I hope. All the whiners: if you like running into a brick wall you had your time with raggi hero, and I can't imagine that you would so much love to try it for another couple of months there, look at wow progress how few guilds took raggi hero down compared to the other content endbosses, and seriously who cares about the other bosses? If you got it pre nerf its good and if not you get it now.

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    Wow, wtf... My guild had a lot of problems keeping a static roster at the beginning of 4.2, we recently have made huge improvements and have been working on regular Rag for the past week or two (I know, not that amazing, but still). We had him down to 23% and were hoping to kill him before he got nerfed to the ground.. So much for that... This takes away any sense of accomplishment we would have had when we down him this week. I was hoping for gradual nerfs, maybe nerf like the first couple bosses now and Rag down the road or something, not this..

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    Quote Originally Posted by Recom View Post
    Why on earth would you bring 3 heals post-nerf ? Just bring 2 heals and roflstomp the instance !
    Quote Originally Posted by Schizoide View Post
    Any guild successfully raiding T12 last week will certainly 2heal the entire thing. It'll go super fast. Raiding newbies will stick with 3.
    this is what i was getting at...hell maybe even solo heal shannox.
    Originally Posted by statlerthegreat
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    i was hoping for only the first 4 bosses to be nerfed today, with the others nerfed in a couple of weeks or a month or so...

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    Oh wow, people....ever since TBC there have been nerfs (oh yeah, KT and LV dropping 25 vials instead of 4 WAS a nerf) and people still cry crocodile tears as if SWP 3.0, Naxx in WotLK or ICC buff never happened. Unbelieveable.

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    why are people surprised saying 15% nerfs are huge when we had 20% nerfs in tier 11?

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    From my perspective, Ragnaros was the only even remotely tough fight on normal since it required coordination and placed an emphasis on individual player awareness, and while all the hardmodes are more challenging, only Ragnaros heroic is a real hard wall. Or rather it WAS a hard wall. Now, no problem.

    Edit: Det, nobody's complaining about nerfs happening, we just didn't expect 15-25% on day one! We expected them to be gradual like ICC.

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    kinda surprised the nerfs werent that intense. i expected them to be bigger.. but i spose the first 3 bosses are already a joke so 15% isnt that much.

    25% for the rest does seem intensive.. alysrazor at 50m hp is probly now only at like.. 38 or so.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tygor View Post
    I understand you are a pro player and all, but no "super casual guild" is 6/7 heroic. I wouldn't even necessarily say that a "super casual" guild would raid 6 hours a week.
    I wasn't going for a "Look at me I'm pro" rather a "If we can do it, it can't be that hard". We raid twice a week, monday and thursday, starting at 20 and ending at 23. At times we'll go on until 24 if no one has to leave, but at 23 everyone are free to leave. I'm guessing it might be a different definition of "super casual", but at least our raiding hours aren't very stressful. We obviously pot, flask, food, give each other criticism and all that which I think of as part of raiding at any level.

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    Quote Originally Posted by balgus82 View Post
    why are people surprised saying 15% nerfs are huge when we had 20% nerfs in tier 11?
    Because T11 was nerfed when it wasn't relevant anymore and any raider who took themselves seriously had no business there anyway. Quite different now, isn't it? (Edit: not to mention they left heroic alone, as it should)

    On the bright side, our altruns could probably easily do heroic mode now even with failpugs.

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    Nigel, if your guild raids only 6 hours per week and is 6/7 heroic, you obviously have a stable balanced roster of talented players. This is Cataclysm, so most of us have to deal with huge turnover every single week as people quit the game.

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