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    Too bad wyverns are extremely ugly.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Brytryne View Post
    [sarcastic post about reskins and the blizzard art department]
    [witty retort about blizzard art department and how they have better things to do]

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    I really hope these are just a first draft mount to test the depth of how they will look in game, because to be honest I would much prefer them to have saddles and reigns and make them look more domesticated then just some lame looking re-skins of wild Gryphons and Wyverns

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    If you have time to work on such mounts, I hope someday there will be a warlock / paladin flying mount. *hope*

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    the whole "spectral" mounts thing is kinda boring

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    YAY~~~~ Azshara!!!!

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    those mounts are getting crap tbh

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    Quote Originally Posted by Oogzy View Post
    Too bad wyverns are extremely ugly.

    Spectral Gryphon looks okay, but I doubt I'll see lots of people riding that ghostly Manticore.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lucofthewind View Post
    This is so true, how can people say "bliz is so lazy omg" in reference to just two mounts? Not only is there appearance a matter of opinion, but it's two mounts you didn't have before. How can they say that when we are also having 3 new instances (with new models and such) a raid (with new mechanics upon other things) the changes to both lfd and lfr coming. Oh and void storage and gear change too.

    If these people have such a problem (one even mentioned "this piece of shit game") then leave and be done with it.
    Quoting this because logic gets lost easily in MMO Champ news posts.

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    Shaman Resto 4pc

    Wow, Resto Shaman is sure getting the short end of the stick here.
    Priest & Druid 4pc is a no-thought-required throughput bonus. Paladin's is similar; its flat but on a 1 minute cooldown. Kinda crappy it being tied to a cooldown.

    The resto shaman? Tied to a 2 minute cooldown on an ability that we try to keep in our back pocket for when the shit really hits the fan. 30% haste is nice and all, but its just sad when our 4 pc is so sad.

    I've been healing as a resto shaman since BC and I have to say this looks like the worst bonus ever. I know they wanted to tie this to one of our new cata spells. Fine! <cough>Healing Rain<cough>

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    Quote Originally Posted by Faile View Post
    sorry to say but these mounts are a sign of lazy devs. they take a model of the gryphon and wyvern they already have. they take the texture they use for every other spectral mount they have and they slap em together and call them new. as someone who majored in computer animation I can tell you it literally takes 2 minutes to put textures like this on a model and most of that time is spent waiting for the files to load. very lack luster
    Did you not see all of the artwork from the upcoming dungeons? It is gorgeous.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Harp32Wil View Post
    I'd expect them more in their store for real money.
    Once again: Who the hell'd buy that ugly Wyvern?

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    Probably the worst looking mounts added in recent times :S

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    Quote Originally Posted by Seelenjaeger View Post
    No one except for mount collectors (not even all of them) would buy that ugly Wyvern.
    Set it on fire and it would sell like hotcakes.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ZEROWASHU View Post
    Set it on fire and it would sell like hotcakes.
    The Wyvern skin is still ugly as sin.
    Even on fire.

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    Hm, might get both spirit wyvern and spirit wolf... Very shamanistic... Hmm..

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    Quote Originally Posted by Seelenjaeger View Post
    Once again: Who the hell'd buy that ugly Wyvern?
    I would, ugly and pretty is all subjective chipper.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Flimsy View Post
    Probably the worst looking mounts added in recent times :S
    Nothing well ever be as ugly as the frostwyrm mounts if you ask me, and by saying so I've just rattled the cage, since most people thinks that they are amazing, which I'll never understand, mainly because they look nothing like frostwyrms. It's all subjective.

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    Hopefully, Azshara has a unique model, and the Night Elf pictured isn't her or is a placeholder. She deserves to be discernable from the 'rifraff'.

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    wouldnt buy either of them

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    I aboslutely LOVE the Gryphon it looks awesome. I cannot wait to see how it will be obtained so I can try to get one.

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    ... get the message...
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    A year from now someone on these forums is gonna say that the (wod) launch went smoothly..... I am gonna remind that asshole of this launch, this shit is not going smoothly at all.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Seelenjaeger View Post
    She'll get one when we'll see her true form.
    I don't see why she should stand out that much as to get a whole new model.
    Nice textures and everything like Thrall did but not completely new. That'd stretch it a little too much for a small dungeon boss.
    Considering she was the Queen of the elves and said to be the most beautiful, she needs *something* to not just be 'yet another night elf' in a dungeon that should have a few, at least before they (potentially) turn into satyrs.
    Her current (read: naga) form will definitely be interesting when they reveal it.

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