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    Quote Originally Posted by The Madgod View Post
    Beret... is that coloseum by chance the Imperial City Arena? :d
    Yes yes it is.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Beret View Post
    Yes yes it is.
    *Bow's down*

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    Quote Originally Posted by The Madgod View Post
    I love you :P
    One of the castles is also Battlehorn Castle from Oblivion.

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    my power station all done on smp

    OMFG why is chrome crashing every time i try to paste the link sdfsdfsdfdsfds

    Uploaded with

    Uploaded with

    currently unfinished.
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    2 years later:
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    Work in progress:

    The one furthest out to sea:

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    Since the patch I've been working on a new steampunk city. I don't have as much done yet as I'd like but I'll post when I feel it's ready.

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    I think I love you Beret. Those are too cool
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    All creations hand-built with /give commands (prior to creative mode) on a standard MC server.

    First Creation

    Work in progess (I think I over did the fire and the back of the thing is not yet "complete")

    Work in progress (Dungeon being built. 120x120 measuring north to south and west to east. Currently on floor 3 or 4 out of 9ish)

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    Here's some pictures from my server... I've got a couple projects that are still in the works. For the most part, these things are for fun and seech, not to be overly realistic... though I think they look pretty good :d

    An island with a wooden pirate 'home'

    A cavern underneath the pirate 'home' that contains gold and stuff

    Floating mushroom island of joy and nausia!

    Castle De Los Cacaw (name not finalized) in the rain

    The port, lighthouse, and a large boat (in the rain)

    The Hero's tree

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    Shows most of the first area I build. Theres now some buildings where that SS was taken.
    Area around where first SS was taken. This area is mostly in progress for the moment.
    A slightly better SS of the thing you see in the sky of the first one. It's also in progress.

    I have a lot planned for it, but not all the time to make it look the way I want. :P

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    [IMG] Uploaded with[/IMG]

    Here's a new castle I've done took me about 10 hours total, with no help from my friends who currently are fed up with battlefield 3... oh well hope you like it

    [IMG] Uploaded with[/IMG]

    Edit: This is the almost complete version of the same picture above :3 It's a very good timekiller
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    I just built this on the mmo server becos i couldent think of anything else to build at the time:

    Now im currently working on building a Dungeon Keeper 2 dungeon under that area becos ive never tried >.>

    Edit: So i wanted to give myself a try on making a USS Enterprise and this is it:
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    I tend to play on a survival world, building automated machines (farming machines, mob traps etc) and redstone orientated machines. Defense mechanisms such as cannons are things I enjoy making, along with mine cart stations etc etc. I'm currently working on a CPU unit which allows you to input a binary code and then press a button, allowing you to select a cannon to fire, or something like that. It's honestly not hard, just use your brain. If I didn't have to mine out so much redstone, it wouldn't take too long either.
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    Just a few of my builds...

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    Someone linked your castle one elsewhere on the forum, pretty awesome

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    You guys have a lot of awesome stuff.
    I'll be posting a few screenshots of my creations later.

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    i dont actually play minecraft that much any more to build houses and all the rest of it so when im on i like to experiment around with some pixel art ! heres some of what ive done so far :

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sharphunt View Post
    i dont actually play minecraft that much any more to build houses and all the rest of it so when im on i like to experiment around with some pixel art ! heres some of what ive done so far :
    those are quite good family guy ones too !

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