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    LoL Vid-Content Creation

    Hi guys, I'm Whytoe.

    I've finally decided to go ahead and start creating LoL related content in the form of comedic videos.

    Unfortunately this is my first ever attempt, needless to say I lack the required experienced.

    I would very much appreciate tips/general help with the following:

    - video editing software, best and most relevant one. Currently working with Lightworks (free version).
    - type of content. I've a plan to focus heavily on irony, fails, memes and such. Should I reconsider?
    - online presence. How can I increase my online "reach" and include as many viewers as possible?

    Anyways, I'll be waiting for your replies!

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    I'm currently using videopad editor cos it's very simple and easy to use (I have no background in video editing). You can trim the video and music within the program itself and add in effects, from zoom to subtitles, I think animations/gif should be too.

    Content wise, I think it's great! I'm pretty sure that it'll attract a lot of viewers because most people look for "pros" or "pro streamers" when they view montages. I make videos just for fun and upload them weekly, montages of myself made and compiled by myself, but it's like "who'd want to watch these when they can watch pros?". So I'm just keeping them as memories instead LOLOLOLOL

    For viewers, I'm not sure about that. Maybe you could post in reddit? You have 2 subscribers, I've 26 but you already have more views than me HAHAHA. I'll go ahead and subscribe to you (btw you forgot to link ur channel here). I think youtube tagging is important too.

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