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    Exclamation All of my builds. This is why I havent been playing WoW. no life :(


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    I hope you used to kind of inventory edit or creative mode to make all that stuff.

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    This is awesome!


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    All of it by hand, I assume? Any help?

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    That is amazing
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    True, but the difference is that in GTA3 you're only shooting (and robbing, murdering, having sex with, etc) pixels. In WOW you get the pleasure of dealing with some of the most despicable human behaviour you'll ever witness.
    To True.

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    What texture pack do you use?

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    I just saw OMFGcata's vid about this world, nice world!

    For the guys askin, no, he didnt make it all by himself

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    Im working on recreating stormwind at the moment with a bunch of friends. It's not easy work!

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    I logged in for the first time in however many months just to say that's fucking awesome. Well done, to you and whoever helped out. That's amazing and I love FF and thats mad nostalgia seeing this!

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    i am mindblown, that is very, very, very impressive sir

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    Sanctuary or the local tavern.
    And you can see the whole world here. /watch?v=fXQwA8tFKzo

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    Actually, I DID make everything myself. Unless you meant I used WorldEdit and Voxelsniper. Other than that, every block was placed or manipulated by me.

    Thanks for the comments guys

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    That's what I thought.

    I will never be good enough for this

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    That's some amazing stuff there.

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    That is amazing. I wouldn't have the patience to build stuff like that
    Inspecting raid instance floors since 2005

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    wow, that is one of the top 5 builds i've seen. And I have seen a lot of really cool and extravagant builds.
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    HOLY SHI SHI that is freakin AWESOME!!! I'm having one serious geekgasm over here! Not only did you manage some seriously awesome works of pure art there, but most of it has a FF theme?!?! GAAAAAAHHHH *falls out of chair, unconscious*

    You simply must let us come view your world in person...err, pixel.
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    absolutely mind-blowing, those may be some of the best builds I've seen in a while.

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    This was the second most impressive outside the blocks ive seen (#1 for a single person obv.)

    with the most impressive being
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    All of that is down right amazing. I applaud your skills sir.

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