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    assuming your compatent with a computer and basic mod functions here you go

    the eastern sun mod i feel finishes the d2 exprience nicely and is great if you have never played d2 before and even if you have played before its great fun.

    the mod fixes alot of problems with alot of classes and is not directly pvp focused !!!
    this means that classes are diffrent but balanced around pvm and not pvp as much and dispite the great amount of changes it makes its still d2 at the shell just polished to a great shine.

    there are other great d2 mods but those are often diffrent games and while that is not bad i feel that eastern sun offers a more complete diablo 2 package as the crafting even if only doing normal mode is worth it and can give you some nice bonus's all of the mercs are intresting and they made gold useful in eastern sun. something no other d2 mod i see seems to have accomplished.
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    the plot can pretty much be summed up in (someone elses) 2 - 3 lines, it's pretty rough gameplay tho.

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    I would recommend getting D2, just so you can see if you enjoy the game style before spending $60 on D3 when it comes out.

    I enjoyed D1 and D2 back in the day. I got real excited 3 years ago when they announced D3. I reinstalled D1/D2 and started playing through them again. I got bored about 1/2 way through the 2nd act in D2 and stopped playing. This type of game just doesn't interest me anymore I guess.

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    I played d2 not long ago and only managed to stay online for 10min, the grafic really put me off. Swore id never play d3 beta but when the beta came i did anyway, and im deffo getting the game now.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lysah View Post
    "Helps you"

    Many people, including myself, are mostly convinced that Cain replaces the items he identifies with crappy items that look similar, taking the sweet lewt you found for himself. He's a greedy, evil old man!
    Thanks. Now thats what Ill always see if I start to play D2 again. You horrible person! *roars of agony*

    But no, you dont Have to, but I suggest trying out the second game at some point. Tis awesome :P

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