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  • Winter

    88 39.11%
  • Spring

    36 16.00%
  • Summer

    42 18.67%
  • Autumn

    59 26.22%
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    Your favourite season?

    Simple question.
    what is your fav season?
    vote and write why

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    High Overlord cmennare's Avatar
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    wabbit season
    cuz they are cute and tasty

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    Spring, love the wonderful bright colors, and the weather in Sweden can actually be nice in May!

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    Brewmaster redruMPanda's Avatar
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    I love fall through Winter. Love the cold weather, and the holidays.

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    Autumn. The Midwest's autumns are the best. Plus no fresh rain and worm smell from spring rains.

    Did anyone else come here expecting this to be about WoW PvP seasons? >.> I was pleasantly surprised it wasn't.

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    Spring. Perfect temperature - not blazing, not freezing - and 3-week school break. What's not to love?
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    Spring, same as above.

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    summer is surprisingly far behind =P

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    Autumn, I love the cooling weather, the changing colours of the trees, the rain hammering on my window, the feel of nature slowing down, the sweet taste of the last berries, a warm fireplace and a good book. It's just lovely!

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    The spring is neither warm enough nor cold enough.
    Summer is entirely too warm, and the nights are too short to get a decent amount of sleep.
    And there's too many storms during fall.

    Winter is nice and cold, with plenty of darkness.
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    Summer, living in a subtropical climate it gets to around 35 degrees Celsius and is VERY humid throughout summer. Most people hate it, but i like getting really woken up early from the heat and waking up covered in sweat. I also find i lose quite a bit weight (Around 5 kilos depending how much i exercise) over the 2 month Christmas holidays, which is good because i gain 5 kilos over winter. And shirts are optional, which is always a plus.

    Edit: Forget to mention i love rain & storms... and there's a lot of them where i live during Summer.
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    Pandaren Monk Slummish's Avatar
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    Winter. I love sweaters and coats and longjohns and blankets and fires and hot toddies and slipping on the iced sidewalks and cracking my tailbone.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mystile View Post
    Autumn. The Midwest's autumns are the best. Plus no fresh rain and worm smell from spring rains.

    Did anyone else come here expecting this to be about WoW PvP seasons? >.> I was pleasantly surprised it wasn't.
    me , i found thread threw mmo champion first page.

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    because it was all very new back than, prolly nostalgia

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    I prefer autumn. The transition from summer to winter is quite satisfying and there tends to be a larger variety of weather types to enjoy here in England during the autumn. This past week has been a heatwave, for example and next week is shaping up to be cooler and with showers.

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    Dreadlord Enders's Avatar
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    I love autumn. I find summer too hot (we have a VERY humid summer here, so at 105/40 you just feel like dying) and it's impossible to get a good sleep. Spring is alright but it's too wet. Winter... well, look at my location. It's probably right behind autumn in my rankings though. I like the cold. I find autumn has the perfect temperature - remember, you can always wear more layers but there is only so much you can take off! Also, we have a lot of maple trees around here including 3 huge ones in my yard and maples are just gorgeous when the leaves change.

    The only thing I hate about autumn... golf courses covered in leaves. Makes it very hard to find your ball
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    Winter, love the feeling when you walk out on a morning when it is 20- (celsius).

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    It smells nice outside during autumn and since I live in Maine, it's really beautiful with all the foliage. Bring on the tourists!

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    Winter. Always Winter. My Birthday is in December, and I adore snow, whilst secretly cackling at the drivers who seem to be incapable of driving in it.

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    Summer! Hot weather and 2 months summer vacation is the best.

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