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    Shield is awesome looking, I kind of like that gun too with the scope and the green beam coming out of it. The wand is kind of cool as well, other stuff is kind of meh.
    This was my thought as well.
    But honestly, who can complain? You don't like it? Transmogrify!

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    Shield is only good looking thing.

    Rest looks like complete sh!t.

    "Hey, lets just throw some spikes onto EVERYTHING"

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    Quote Originally Posted by Xiun View Post
    Shield is only good looking thing.

    Rest looks like complete sh!t.

    "Hey, lets just throw some spikes onto EVERYTHING"
    When in doubt, add spikes!

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    they ain't all that Blizzard must be turning in their graves reading their weapons just got datamined by a guy who hates every and single one of those weapons xD hahaha

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    Those weapons look awful. Horde style en masse.. Disgusting. Weapons for apes. Thank you, transmogrification..!

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    The shield and thrown weapon are awesome! Rest are fairly lack luster, but a lot of the pvp armors are also fantastic, especially the Pally!

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    better looking than the Deathwing raid weapons. Those are way over-complicated and look pretty cheap imo. These on the other are pretty awesome. Sad though they spend so much time on the thrown and wands and no one ever sees them
    The true vanilla wow test is whether or not they miss Vanilla. If they do, they didn't play in Vanilla.

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    Is it just me or do the weapons look like they are leaning towards Horde weapons....alliance QQ coming up.

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    They look... too simple for me.

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    Thank god for transmog.

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    Looks like stuff that was left over from WotLK.

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    The 2h sword and 2h mace are insanely awesome! It almost makes me want to pvp ;D

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    Ah I love the smell of crying Battleground Players as their Bones will be broken by this amazing Mace.
    *crunch crunch* Oh Yes .... OH YES.

    Or Sliced apart with that Delicious Sword ?

    OR PERHAPS Hacked into tiny pieces by that chunky meaty axe ?

    I like the models alot, but I'm a simple Death Knight ...
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