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    Heroic Beth'tilac


    my guild has been progressing on this boss for quite a while, actually embarrassingly enough 5 hours in total now and we're stuck with our hunter not being able to do most of the job with the Broodlings and Spiderlings. He takes a crapload of damage.

    Is there any effective way to execute this with our hunter not dying or should we replace him with a Frost DK who might do it better?

    The setup we've got is:

    - Blood DK
    - Protection Paladin

    - Druid Healer
    - Shaman Healer
    - Holy Paladin OR Holy Priest

    - Hunter
    - Arcane Mage
    - Arms Warrior
    - Feral Druid
    - Balance Druid

    We have got as backup:

    - Frost DK
    - Combat Rogue
    - Arcane Mage
    - Holy Priest or Paladin depending on which one we take from the 2.


    Now the tactic that we are following is a line up. Lets say that X is the broodling/spiderling cave and O is the Hunter while R is the raid stacked up on the ground and P is the paladin with the drone.

    It should look like this:
    X O R P, the only thing that is adjusting his location is O moving towards R as the broodlings leave a patch and P adjusting his location to make sure that the broodlings move in a straight line.

    Is there anything that we are doing wrong here as i noticed that many guilds kill her within a hour or two.

    Any help would be appreciated.
    PS: I m not recording WoL but my GM is, i m not sure wherether he uploaded it or not but if its of big importance then i will do my best to retrieve it.

    Thanks in advance

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    Our Balance Druid turns around and helps our hunter every now and then when the spiderlings get too close.
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    A Hunter is just fine, since they have a greater mobility than DK's.
    If your healers have problems with the broodlings, you and another guy should take them in a rotating basis.
    Since the nerf, we're a bit lazy and force our arcane mage to do it. He just does not enough damage for an one-button smasher, so he'll get punished with it. Blink and mage ward work just fine tho.

    It would be great of you could post your logs, since this is a great tool to help you afterall.

    Your Hunter should stay near the cave and trigger the first broodling there. After the little bastard explode, he should step back and trigger the second one behind the first one. Try to chain these voids.
    This is the reason I prefer Hunters over DK's. Their mobility is just superior, they can make damage while having a great mobility.
    As said, if your healers have a problem to heal all the broodling explosions, the mage should take one or two until Mr. Petlover is full again.

    IT really isn't a big deal after the nerf. Just try until your broodlings work well. Then it's nothing else than normal mode.

    EDIT: Your spiderlings get too close? Normally, a Hunter can pretty much solo the waves.
    What kind of pet is he using?
    Has he specced/glyphed his multishot-daze thingy? Really helps alot.
    I'm also not sure if our Hunter plays survival. I think he does for this encounter.
    GL ^^

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    Our alt run suffers from a lazy hunter who didn't bother spec'ing into his slow, so our spiderlings got too close to drones/boss all the time yesterday (had to burn her from 100 to 0...), so we found that its entirely possible to deal with a non-damaged beth. In any case, after the hp nerf, you can afford having two people deal with broodlings/spiderlings. Simply have one person assigned to kill spiderlings (hunter would be the ideal choise), and one person assigned to soak the broodlings - one dps going up, and two are left to deal with the drone and the spinners. The balance druid and arms warrior are probably best left on the spinners/drone (not great mobility from either), while the mage soaks broodlings (blink, mage ward). Send the kitty upstairs to dps the boss if you need to have her below 100% when she gets down.

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    We just have our hunter and resto druid work as a team, if the hunter is to low or cant get one, the druid gets it.

    A few broods will probably get through when they are moving to a new hole but as long as the raid knows to move out of the middle if there is a line on them it doesn't matter.

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    my guild just has one healer(rduid) eat all of the broodlings while healing himself, then the other two handle bottom and top, while we handle the fight like normal

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    we finally just killed Heroic Beth - but we had a enchancement shaman and bear up top
    Warrior tank on bottom handling drones, Frost DK taunting down Spinners and killing those and helping when he can with spiderlings. MM hunter with Daze spec dealing with spiderlings and broodlings. While our Resto Shaman spot heals the hunter, Rest druid takes care of raid, and Holy Pal goes up. Also had a shadow priest on Drones, with an arcane mage on spinners. If your hunter is failing at the spiderlings have them look at http://www.mmo-champion.com/threads/...9#post13430479 It's a hunter forum showing a really great vid on how to control the broodlings. Lots of communication is really good for this fight as well

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    We made it like this:

    me as a hunter doing spiderlings + Arc mage helping me, popping Broodlings + spamming AE. After the nerf it works pretty good, 1 dedicated healer on the mage, 1 melee/tank/heal on the web with Beth, one heal/tank and rest dps are down on drones and spinners. Pretty easy now.

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    I solo the Spiderling's as a Hunter. I have the Daze/Entrapment spec to make it easy as shit. To deal with the damage I take, I have a Holy Paladin with his beacon assigned to watch me and back me up on Broodlings.

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    You need to assign a healer to the broodling soaker(s), or just have a healer do it.

    edit: the only thing that can really wipe on that fight is the broodling/spiderling management, so get that working first. What we do is actually have 2 dps on who both soak the broodlings(not at the same time of course though), and kill the spiderlings. Also with those 2 dps there is one healer whos only job is keeping the 2 DPS alive. I don't think classes really matter though pure melee dps is obviously probably the worst for it. Other than that we have 1 tank/healer/melee dps on the web, and 1 tank/2 dps/1 healer dealing with drones, and spinners downstairs. Anyway as I said the FIRST thing you need to do is get the little spiders under control, spiderlings reaching drones/Beth, or broodlings exploding in the raid is whats going to wipe you.
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    I am the hunter taking care of the broodlings and spiderlings on my own. I only call for help when:
    1: It is the last wave before Beth comes down;
    2: A drone fixates on me and it is going to hit the spiderlings.

    I have made a kitespec including rapid killing, bombartment, the concussive slow on aoe and entrapment. This way I can solo all of the brutelings and spiderlings quite easily, and I rarely start at the cave (can't get there near on time, since brutelings usually spawn just before the new spiderlings come out and I have to get it). You get the brutelings by just moving into them and disengaging/jumping/master's calling out. You WILL take a lot of damage, and I'd advise a beacon paladin to heal the kiter.

    You will get 2/3 more brutelings once Beth is already down! Be very mindfull!

    As for other stuff, we have 3 dps go up for the first time (so for us it's disc priest + warrior tank 100% up, cat/ other melee (last kill it was a BM hunter who did 13k due to pet staying up and dying constantly (we needed hero!)) / warlock), after that the tank/priest and 2 other melee keep going up, so Beth comes down around 65-70%. Down we have me handling the adds and 2 ranged dps, usually the warlock and boomkin or arcane mage. If any add makes it up the web melee make it their highest prio and finish it off.

    Phase 2: Burn her to 50%~, pop heroism to help healers with their HPS, it ends around 30%, start rotation dps cooldown's (like boomkin tranq) around 20% and leave your strongest raid walls for <20% like barrier, aura mastery, resto druid tranq.

    *Oh and stack up quite far from the caves to give your kiter room in case he can't avoid taking them in 1 line rather than a big broad spot.

    Good luck
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