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    Beth 25-N

    So, this topic may seem rather silly post-nerf, but as a strictly 10-man RL, I'm a little nervous about directing our first attempt at transitioning to 25-man raiding. We're skipping Shannox since our 10-man wants to kill him on Heroic and starting with Beth'tilac. Of course, if all 25 people were solid raiders like our 10-man team, I wouldn't be worried, but sadly that's not the case yet. Decent people, but many without much gear or FL experience.

    So, just a few questions;

    1. If we have 4 really well-geared (ilvl 377+) healers (1 Pally, 1 Resto Druid, 2 Disc Priests) who know the fight already, can we get away with just an undergeared pally and undergeared shammy as fillers?

    2. Post-nerf, do I need to assign people to every "lane" for spiderlings, or can 1-2 well geared hunters/boomies handle them?

    3. Burn phase - I know mechanics wise it's exactly the same, but how much more healing intensive is it? Do I need to work in extra DPS CDs or will our normal PW:B, Tranq, Aura Mastery, PW:B, Resto Tranq rotation suffice? I haven't seen every single DPS we'll be bringing in a raid setting, but I'm fairly sure they all pull 15k+ (with our core 5 pulling 20K). Also, is Spirit Link Totem better saved for later on for the damage reduction or would the health re-distribution save more healer mana early on?

    I know the fights are faceroll now, but I'll be bringing in 6-7 people who have never seen anything past T11 before and I'd rather not spend an hour or more wiping on her, so any advice would be appreciated.

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    1. You should be fine with 6 healers, tho the 2 newer healers will need to be told to conserve mana for P2, as in my experience healers without Beth experience tend to shoot their load very early and are then very oom when P2 starts. In an ideal world I'd take a 7th healer, just to spread the healing burden in P2 but the fight is perfectly healable on 25m HM with 5-6 healers, so 6 on normal should be fine. P2 ask any hybrids to asssit with healing - ele HR's, boomkin tranqs, priest hymms and the like.

    2. Not a clue :P I always go up

    3. It's fairly intensive, and the key is always how much mana the healers have going into p2 (as kinda mentioned in #1). Once you can get to P2 it's probably going to be a case of using the normal CD rotation and then if the boss isn't dead just calling for "everything else" at the end. We tend to use SLT at the end.

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