Hello everybody.

Firstly, I'm not claiming I'm the best hunter in the world, infact, I'm an incredibly lazy hunter. However, i feel as though the relevance of my topic is derived from that truly. I am the GM of my own guild and and 10m Core. In two months, I have raised the guild to plus 300 members, level 15, and a prenerf of 7/7 and 1/7 heroic. Happy with my accomplishments, I built a rather large reputation on server, and particularly with hunters for my DPS.

Now, in short form, those who aren't horribly geared, can still do really good DPS. Which was the key to my guilds succsess, and core group.
Therefor, those, who have questions regarding gear, BiS, things that they can't do right that they think they need help with, I guarantee you I can and will help you to do so.

Secondly, this is the link to my character on the US armory. Before linking, I would like you to realise I change specs every day (As in drop, and re-pick up), and rotate gear etc for full testing of the class etc.

Edit: Sadly, I can not upload my armory link since I haven't posted a few times. But, look in further posts, I will do it then.

Also, a video I made on a lazy saturday also may help those people in some form of need. I[B] would also like to encourage you to Subscribing to the channel, this is, however, not for my own publicity. I would like to help those on a larger basis. With community support, obviously I could grow.

Same as the upper edit.

Lastly, I would like to personally promise you I could help with your DPS and overall Damage done. With compliance, even real-time talking on vent and step by step working out where the problem is, I am more then happy to help. This fully applies to All hunter specs. Marksman, Survival, and Beast Mastery. Also, if you have a problem on ANY RAID BOSS IN ANY SITUATION, Try me, I will give you a full hearted answer.