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    This is shameless, "are you happy with looking like a flaming fire cat" well... duh. If you aren't you have a problem, you want a legendary go boomkin.. bored with the way you look? Heal.

    You guys get to look like so many different things the fact that they made a weapon with an effect for ONE class and ONE spec is pretty bold in the first place. Maybe I should complain when they make a warlock only staff that only works for demonology that makes my meta permenant.
    I'm having a hard time understanding why you decided to post on this thread.
    The issue is not being unhappy with the staff proc, the issue is that the idea for a melee stave legendary was scrapped and it took very little thought/time for designers to copy a NPCs form, take off the armor and apply the form as a proc on the staff as a afterthought. More or less it was a poke in the eye and a kick in the junk after dangling the thought of a melee stave legendary in front of us and then taking it away; and instead giving a legendary to a class which already had one thus far in the game. If it makes others and myself shameless that we aren't happy with a copy of a degraded NPC form then I guess we are shameless.

    Hypothetically, let's say you chose to play a feral instead of a warlock - since day 1 the powers that be have not understood ferals in general (have not understood itemization, gear and tier bonuses for ferals.) Not once in the entire game is their a beneficiallly usable legendary for your spec (meaning a legendary which isn't a downgrade when compared to a blue or epic. Ie. atiesh, sulfuras, valnyr and so on), meanwhile other classes/specs which outnumber your spec have received 1 legendary so far, 2 if you count warglaives and the recently spoken of daggers. Now how would you feel in that situation?

    As if that wasn't pointless enough, you then tell players who chose to play feral if want a legendary go boomkin / bored with form looks go resto. Your "solution" for design flaw and laziness is to respecc to something which we won't have fun doing and don't want to do. Your "solution" is a bandaid fix brought on by lack of knowledge of ferals, something that we have been dealing with for years from HQ.../facepalm. Do you also believe in santa claus and humpty dumpty? At least those stories make a tiny bit of sense, whereas your rambling here is completely devoid of any logic.

    You then continue on to complain about how "you guys" can look like different things and falter back to the "you got a weapon which only works for druids" argument, which is an argument that has never worked and only proves that you know nothing about ferals. The fact that we, as druids, can shapeshift literally ripped apart your first invalid point.

    Quote Originally Posted by Gohzerlock View Post
    Be glad ur feral look isn't a cd
    ...Really dude? The staff has a 2 hour cooldown when "procced" outside of a fight. The "proc" while in cat form is temporary. The proc is cosmetic only. Did you even attempt to read up on anything before posting?

    Ever see those car insurance commercials on tv where the insurance agent asks a little kid if he wants something like a car (while he's standing by a car and hinting at it) but never really being clear, followed by giving the kid one of those circus rides that could be seen outside of grocery stores a few years ago? Yeah, that's pretty much how it is with the feral legendary issue and Fandral's Flamescythe.

    I'm going share something with you. Fandral's staff was a placeholder test to see what would happen / need to be done if a melee legendary stave was ever implemented. However, for some reason the idea was scrapped. What we are left with is a weapon which has a "cosmetic only proc" which was taken from Fandral Staghelm's firecat form and applied to the staff he drops as an afterthought. We didn't get anything special. We didn't get anything "designed" for us. We are still one of a few specs to not get a usable beneficial legendary. While other classes have gotten 2+. Get off your high horse.

    As to the weapon part of your argument, I don't get it. Are you mad or annoyed that blizzard basically took the look of a NPC in Firelands and spent a few minutes taking off the armor & applying it to proc ferals in cat form into a fire cat, due to them not wanting to create a legendary which ultimately 2 classes can benefit from? You do understand that the firecat proc is cosmetic only and doesn't provide a buff, right?

    Go complain about something you don't understand elsewhere. At the very least you could have attempted to research the flawed inaccurate points you made here before posting. After reading and re-reading your little gem of a post above, I have the urge to throw quarters at hobos and to punch a seal...fml.
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    I am excite

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    just a shitty gimmick for me,.. glad im bear so i dont have to look at it ;p.........
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    Quote Originally Posted by Krafmon View Post
    You do realize that effects which alter your appearance don't work when we shift into cat form or any other druid form for that matter? im pretty sure you never played a feral/moonkin.
    This is incorrect. Deathbringer's Will I KNOW changed your appearance even when in whatever form.

    EDIT: I missed this being pointed out in the previous page. Apologies.
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    Looking forward to the fire kitty staff going to offspec finally so I can have one too...
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