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    I've not quit yet, but I have told all my guildies that I will be quitting when Swtor comes out, or more than likely a week or so before hand, when early access goes live.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Felghast View Post
    Already quit, just waiting on swtor. :P
    Same here .

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    Already left. Patiently waiting now.

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    i quit wow back in January. SWTOR will have me, but for now Rift has me.

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    Already quit.
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    I've been roughly "on 1 month, off 2" with WoW since the beginning of the year... I'd be done with it completely if I didn't still get the urge to chain battlegrounds sometimes.

    EDIT: Actually now that I think about it, I've been following SW:TOR casually since last December and more seriously since this summer... so maybe there's more direct influence than I realized.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Torethyr View Post
    Cool kids quit WoW months ago.
    Cool Bored kids quit WoW months ago.

    OP: Still no poll? hmm

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    I intend to play both during my free month of SWTOR that you get from buying the game. After that it depends on a few factors if I keep WoW up for another month, but unless things go catastrophically bad in TOR I intend to cancel my WoW subscription when my free month of TOR runs out.
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    not quitting, never understood the mentality of having to quit your current MMO to play the next. i'll quit WoW when it's boring to me, not due to another game. i had actually maintained by EQ/FFXI account while WoW was still active and put time into all of them. there's only so much you can do once your character is maxed out anyway. never been an altaholic and altaholics that actually have good characters and not just a ton of crappy ones are rare.

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    I quit WoW back in the spring and I have played Lotro (mostly Monster Play PvP) since then. I'm just waiting for Swtor to come out and then I'll quit playing Lotro.

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    I was going to keep playing till release but I quit months ago and despite them sending me free game time have no desire to go back. Firelands was the worst excuse for a patch they've put out in however long. besides the crappy redone Zuls patch. why they think people want to farm boring dailies over and over again every day for a month is beyond me.

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    This thread can't and won't go anywhere.

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