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    Is there a stand-out SWTOR information site?

    Just wanted to know if there was a stand-out info site for swtor, in the mould of mmo-champion or wowhead.

    Before the predictable people jump on this thread, please don't suggest the official site, I mean something external.

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    Nothing that doesnt violate the NDA atm.

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    DarthHater might be the website you're looking for. Curse did acquire and added it to it's network just like mmo-champion is part of the Curse network. You probably won't get too much info from them right now though with the NDA still in effect.

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    yeah I didn't think about the NDA, I guess I was just wondering if anyone knew of any plans afoot for database style jobby.

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    Dath Hater is the best for info atm.

    As far as datamine stuff, that will be a long ways out, if at all.

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    There's a wowhead-like database in the works once the game launches. R2-DB is the name. Once the NDA lifts, there'll be a lot more readily available information.
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    Not sure of the restrictions but lots of info is out there.

    The SWTOR wikia and wiki swtor

    has tons of info, that while maybe not 100% accurate, that has just been held back or not focused on elsewhere. (lots of companion info

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    I assume you mean OTHER than MMO-Champ

    but no there's not really any many Wowhead type database sites, simply because there's not allowed to be, what with the NDA, there's a few theorycraft sites out there, but most of them are either working with old info(which is worse than no info), tiny amounts of info backed up with hearsay and wishes (which is worse than no info....) or no info at all (which is... the same as no info)

    I'm sure once the NDA is lifted, and the unwashed masses start playing the game numerous sites will pop up in the wowhead mold, and im sure eventually one will rise to the top (probably Darth Hater) and the others will fall by the wayside (remember Thottbot?) but until the NDA is lifted any info you read has like a 50% chance of being wrong (and that's me being VERY generous) so you're probably better of waiting it out.
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    Yeah a wowhead like website would be very helpful!

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