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    Quite often.

    Skelington prefers it to television, for the situations and scenery are never in complete detail, leaving that part open for Skelington's interpretation around what is happening in the book. And the stories in general tend to be absolutely fantastic. He spends years thinking about things read in the past(i.e. still does he marvel over things such as Frankenstein and Paradise Lost and A Clockwork Orange and such).

    He would also never use one of those internet book whatnots. Has to be in book/scroll form.

    And after reading the thread, Skelington must agree with and add the effect of getting into the psychology of the character. There is just so much more deeper into Frankenstein's monster(as an example) than the book can portray.
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    Yes, because I enjoy it, just as other people might enjoy TV or movies. I don't mind people who don't enjoy reading, but people of the opinion "omg it's so boring what a nerd lol" need to burn...slowly.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Calzaeth View Post
    Exactly^^ Besides, a wall of filled bookshelves looks WAY cooler than a single E-reader laying there on a table, even if the e-reader has the exact same books in it =P
    Unless you have to carry that wall of Books in a Seabag. I got mine because it's, as I said, WAY more compact, I save trees, and can check the weather.

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    I read information type books all the time, I haven't read a forever it feels like. I used to read them all the time in Elementary school with classics like the Iliad, Dracula, Frankenstein, to newer ones like Timeline and Harry Potter, slowed down greatly in middle school. The last time I read a novel I liked was Of Mice and Men in high school. In college now. However, didn't replace it with TV or movies, I watch those much less than I used to as well.

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    Movies are to books what restaurants are to ermm... recipes...

    I think people that completely shut themselves off to books and 'active participation' in what they consume end up not having a mind of their own.

    Movies are great, but you have to be aware that even most of the best movies are only able to show you one point of view, whereas books can show you that there are multiple points of view, often conflicting.

    And like recipes, books are a different experience for every person... what you bring to the table affects your understanding of them... whereas Movies are much more cut & dry. (Outstanding movies are simply that, they stand out from the crowd of drek.)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Daginni View Post
    Unless you have to carry that wall of Books in a Seabag. I got mine because it's, as I said, WAY more compact, I save trees, and can check the weather.

    Why would I want to drag every book I own around with me wherever I go? When on holiday, I bring one book pr. week I'll be gone, and that's usually enough. Like I said, I don't have a reason to buy an e-reader yet. So I know all the pros (environmentalism being a major one for me), but atm I can still manage with my library card, and I only buy books I don't find there.

    Btw, if that picture is you, I'd call you a moron if you didn't use an e-reader ;P
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    I love reading! My favorite genres would probably be thriller and mystery, though I'm no stranger to epic fantasy novels.

    I'll happily recommend a few of my favorite writers;

    - David Baldacci. Camel Club series primarily but he's done some other solid work aswell. Read 'em, they're awesome.
    - Dan Brown. The Da Vinci Code, aswell as Angels and Demons and The Lost Symbol. Really solid books. Deception Point (which doesn't star Langdon) is also a really good book.
    - Dean Koontz. The man has written like a million books, most with similar themes. Just pick one
    - Nora Roberts. Mostly romance novels, but with some thriller squeezed in. High Noon is a personal favorite.
    - J.K Rowling. You know why this woman is a good writer.
    - J.R.R Tolkien. You also know why this man was a phenomenal writer.

    I'd like to list atleast two more names but I can't for the life of me remember their names.

    If anyone knows of any good serial killer/murder thrillers with an intense story, preferably with some in-depth police work involved, I'll gladly take your recommendations.
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    Q: But who are the forum QQers going to QQ at now?
    A: They'll find another name and still miss the point that Blizzard designs as a collective.

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    ADD and dyslexia have impaired my ability to read most of my life; along with getting picked on as a kid unable to read and then being frustrated with the inability to focus and read even the simplest of reading assignments in highschool. QQ

    Now I read when ever. Im not the type to read what ever Opera insists or what ever is on the New York times best seller list but I'll read stuff here 'n there. Like right now I just finished reading Federick Douglas' diary that he published (or someone else did, idk) which is in this thick ass 2000pg american lit book (not an assignment, I am just reading it just cause) and I am finishing up "Going After Cacciato" right now because I never finished it and I feel the need to finally do it... 3yrs later lol.

    After that I think I'll read "A Game of Thrones."

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    I do read and often. Sometimes, I will get into stints where I don't read for a few months and then read like crazy for the next few. I now read for entertainment and a break from staring at the computer or TV. I also like that I can imagine what the author has written with my own interpretation and that's always fun to do.

    In college, I would have to read so much stuff that wasn't fun (and I didn't have time to read anything else) so I would not read anything but textbooks. Rarely did my textbooks give me any remote pleasure. A few did and I kept those because it was nice to learn and be genuinely interested while reading them. High school, I mainly read what was assigned in English or my other classes but I didn't mind reading those as much. Some of my favorite works come from my English classes. It's nice when you get to choose what you read. I have only picked up one book ever that I have not liked that I've personally chosen for myself to read.
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    I am currently reading the Dark Tower series by Stephen King. Why do I read? When I open a book and begin to read it, the words are translated into images in my head, events unfold before my eyes, some are mysterious, some dangerous and I dont know the outcome because I am not in control of what is happening, its can be very exciting.

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    I don't read many books.

    I like reading, and when I start reading a book I usually can't put it down until I'm too tired to hold it up anymore, but I find it really hard to just "pick one" and actually get started reading it. Like I can never motivate myself to start reading a book as opposed to turning on the TV as lazy and uncouth as that may sound.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mindstripper View Post
    To say something is Knaaks best work is like saying someones shit is their best shit. It's still shit. The only good thing Knaak gave us was the concept of The Dragon Aspects.

    On Topic: I read books for multiple reasons.
    1. I get bored very easily and often times my brain goes a mile a minute. Reading helps control that, bringing it down to manageable levels, helps me actually think semi-coherently.

    2. I very much enjoy other peoples writing, reading into the interpretations of political, economic, and social problems that plague our society. You see parallels like this in almost every novel as authors can't help but put a little of their own views into their writing. However it's best in authors that know their doing it and expound upon it. Orson Scott Card and Isaac Asimov being two of the best.

    3. Books are a near infinite fountain of ideas an imagination that can be used to fuel my own creativity and ingenuity.

    While these are my personal opinions, I feel it is the greatest crime of our outdated education system and media-fuelled stupidity drive that children don't enjoy reading anymore. In my High School English class, Senior Year, fully 3/4 of the students hated reading, and never read anything that wasn't mandatory. Of that remaining fourth half of them were the kind of people that only read terrible writers like Knaak and Stephenie Meyer. And then there was me and two or three other people that actually enjoyed full blown literature. TL;DR: Reading is awesome and good for the imagination and soul.
    Hey people enjoy what they want, if you think that their bad authors (they aren't amazing awe inspiring ones I agree) then that's your opinion. So although it may be unfortunate that most people don't read great books it's still better then them not reading anything.

    Technically I read manga(comics) as well, but even the longest of series only really compare to 2-3 books at most in terms of dialogue so I left it out but it's a great middle ground between TV/reading. @ Masterpd85 if you have troubles reading a normal book give manga/comics a try, most you can read online for free(decent quality usually). But grats on being able to pick up reading, one of buddy's has dyslexia and ADD and man is it a challenge to get him read anything I don't even think he read the contract he signed when he bought his new seadoo. lol

    My favorite authors would probably be in no particular order:
    Terry Goodkind
    Wilbur Smith
    Jean M. Auel
    Eric Nylund
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    If i cant connect with a book, i wont read it. thats why all the books the schools required me to read i hated with a passion.

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    I don't read because in my opinion it is boring, I don't get as much out of it compared to watching series or playing games, both of which are my two favourite things to do.Reading takes too much time and can only be done when I am awake, if I am sleepy trying to read I will miss half of the words because my thoughts are elsewhere. This is also why I don't read, I have a hard time concentrating and I want sound and something to watch, I can't simply just read a book and get the same statisfaction as if I am watching a series.

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    I do read books, often and with relish.
    Rather than giving a reason why I read, I offer a counter-question; why wouldn't I?

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    I read books, quite a lot of them if not as much as I'd personally like. Sadly for the latter I would need some thirty hours a day more, and no responsibilities.
    I do it, because reading a book is like baking a pie. You have a recipe, you have the pieces you need, all the tools. But you still need to make it. You need to ad them all together and breath life info that pie! And damn, if the induvidual chunks in it are tasty and go together it is one hell of an experience! The right book is like making, and eating a fresh blueberry rasberry pie and eating it right out of the oven, with custard. (Insert your most awesome pie if mine's not to your taste).

    I love movies, and graphic novels as well, but it's not the full experience. Movies, or television rather, that's just getting the pie and eating it. In some cases it might even be almost cold! A good pie is still good, but you don't get the satisfaction of knowing that YOU made it that awesome. In the graphic novel you get something ready to be put into the oven before eating. You do some of the work, but most of it is already fixed, can still be a really nice experience.

    I'd say that right there is why reading books is my choise entertainment media. Even if I quite often spend a full weekend day when I have nothing better to do only to watch some television series.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Daginni View Post
    Simple question, do you read books? Yes, or No? And with that answered, why do you/don't you read and if you do read them, how often?

    *Note* Why the hell is MMO-Champion Crashing my Chrome. It is getting very, very annoying.
    i'm reading books whenever i'm not busy with something else, wich is pretty much every 2days or so. Mostly reading a book out in less then a day, helped me alot 2 with reading books for school and with college books now.

    and mostly mixing it with anime.

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    dont have the time to read currently. dont have time for tv either. I watch some tv shows but I download them from the interwebs so I dont have to sit through the commercials. I spend way more time on the internet surfing, chatting and stuff.

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    I read. It incredibly improves your vocabulary and also keeps your brain occupied in your own language. Otherwise I'd go crazy and just talked and spoke exclusively english :P.

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    I don't read as much as i used too. down to about 1-2 books every 2 weeks vs. 3-5 books every 2 weeks. RL has taken away most of my reading time. But I will not give it up. Love it too much, Great escape from reality.
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